30 January 2008


(Will get a new phone damn real soon.)

Tian ah! w/out a phone, life is just miserable!
How do i survive?!

29 January 2008

What's the point of regretting? )):
I felt i'm dying, my life is getting meaningless to carry on.
But what can i do?
I wait & waited..
This is not the ending i yearn for.
This is not the result i want to see.



Drink, Drank & Drunk.
So What?
Everything stil remains the same.

17 January 2008

It's kinda a boring day todae-.-
Missed my training & work.
And now am i tonning outside, in a lanshop now.
Dunno wher to go tomoro...
lols. Damn boliaos now.
Audition oso carnt plae.. )X

did't saw my brothers for sucha long time.
miss their lame jokes niaos.
meeting them tmr?
maybe! (:


13 January 2008

i cant get into slp.
quite alot of things happened this
few days. ]:

1. Relationship problems
2. Career problems
3. Family problems

I'hv been controlling my emotions & feelings
in front of everyone. I felt that i'm sucha
failure. In every area of my life i'm so useless.
I dont know why am i lik this. It was like..
I'm starting to build a gap, a distance with
everyone. No one knows & understand
what i'm suffering now. All my closest friends
i used to have, is getting from more to less..
Who knows what i'm actually thinking?
Maybe only God knows.

I think i should just disappear from the glamourous part of this world.
And live in the small, happy life i wanted.
Should i?

07 January 2008

Found a new job @ jeanyip being a receptionist,
it's located at IMM, quite slack..
reading magazine, answering phone, doing settlements
only.. ((: But, not a very gd pay.
900bucks per month.

Ytd went to town afta work.
Meet my beloveds sisters. (:
Finally ther's one day we can gather tgt!
camwhoring the whole night before we went
back home. ((:

Today i was overslpt-.-
taken a MC for work. hahas.
go al the way dwn to cck 24hrs clinic.
Just to save my 3working days pay. lols.

Tmr is another new day. [:
Btw peeps!
On the 28th-30th i'hv a trip to genting! (:
waniaos, ilovebeingsingle!