08 November 2012

I just don't know where I should go

Sometimes I just don't know what I want in life..
Friends and people around me desire for the latest Chanel/LV bags, cars, gadgets...
But I just find it weird that I don't really desire for those stuff.
Don't really have material desire...
Well, I love travel & having a good time.

I spend tons of moolah on entertainment.
But at the end of the day, I find everything is just back to square one.
Perhaps, I've already lost the directions in life, goal, dreams, achievements & who I want to be.
I just know that I wanna stay happy.
But that's not the "right" way to lead my life.
I feel that I can't do things logically as according to my plan.
But follow my emotional mind.
Fool around in life, enjoying every single moment of life.

Even my Taiwan working trip is delayed because of my actions.
Logically I should go for it.
But I'm still feeling reluctant & continue my stay in SG.
When I will really wake up & do things logically?! ):

Well, feel better after ranting my issues.