28 October 2008

Went to chalet for the three days "25-27"
at Arenda country club for
XiaoBuDian's Birthday Party! [:

I was there at around 12am ++ ?
Saw quite alot of peeps over there..
Mostly was Boat quay drinking khakis :D

But something unpleasant happen,
there was fight because of some
trivial matters.
And causes police to visit & so on...

Some guys left & left a lil amount of xbd's
friends on the 2nd day.
Did't get to sleep that day,
it's either some was snoring or no places
for me to slp ]: *(Pathetic me!)

So we gamble!
I lost ard 10dollars. haha.
Only the dealer won -.-
The rest all so suay~

In the night, the drinking session start !
We had a lil bit of Martel,
& the rest loses playing Showhand!
Haha, I'm the overall winner leh! [:

After that for the Chivas,
We played Indian poker -.-
I was really damn suaysss~!!
I drank 7rounds non-stop for suay-ness.
*(Really "Kelly大結局" lo!) =.=
Except for the pathetic me, last round didn't lose.

After that, was Bacardi, Indian poker again,
but guess what?
My bad luck is gone!
Only for the last two rounds i lost.

Then at 6am, we drank Champagne,Red wine
& Beer for celebration,
took some funny photos also.
*(Photos will be posted once i receive.)
Some guys even vomited,
except for me! (:
So strong hor. haha.

Actually, intend to buy some Asahi beer..
But then the Cheers is still closed.
Waste my time making the trip down there.
Afterwards, i was getting tired.
And got into slp.
Who knows i slept for 30-Minutes Only?!
Some ppl woke me up lor. -.=!

12noon was the checking out time,
& some peeps intend to go wild wild wet after
we reach home.
But all of us is too tired for it.
So i'm back home slping & replenishing
for my 39hours of beauty sleep :D

That Chalet Was So Enjoyable! (:

22 October 2008

Yesterday went down to Plush Bar after work (:
Drank Martel, & teared because of some issue.
Around 3plus, we went to Whiskey Bar,
To have some beer.
In the meanwhile, one of my girlfriend was drunk.
And then me & another friend help her to the cab.
to let my friend send her back.

Left the pathetic me alone in the bar -.-
But saw some friends, & joined them.
Afterward, we went to Chinatown point market to have my
Favourite "Ba Kut Teh" ! [:

16 October 2008

Went to "Song-ji" steamboat resturant yesterday.
Located at Geylang Lor13.
The environment is damn nice,
but it's not charge by per head,
it's by dishes,
And it's kinda pricey compare to other
steamboat restaurant.

But, it's kind of worth (:
Especially the spicy soup base & the dishes (eg.beef, crab stick)..
And quality are very different from other
steamboat restaurant that I've been to.

  • Toilet is clean.
  • everywhere is very spacious,
  • a nice place to talk & eat while drinking beer as well.
  • Thus the Best thing is that it opens from evening to 5am midnight !


p/s: going for work soon [:

08 October 2008

p/s: This photo look so shag hor? Like ill face :X lol?


I want a new pair of contact lens!
Especially those Geo,Iris,Japan lens >.< p/s: but Iris lens prefered!
From so many different blog shops.
But even i buy, also couldn't wear la!
Cause of the stupid eye infection "Bajiam" !
Thus, I've no patience for the capping or what so ever.
Eyer! Why they don't have in stock for contact lens?! =.="
Some more Singapore don't have a single shop
selling those lens de meh? -.-


Btw, i went for steamboat on Monday.
At "The house of steamboat" located near Bugis.
Before i continue.
Let me ask you one Question.

What age & below is counted as child..?


12 Right..?

But how dare the shop said "Below 10"!
Means 9 to 1years old leh.
Then still never mind lo.
Charge my sister adult + a lil discount lor.

But their service is below poor lor!
  1. Won't refil our soup base automatic, still need us call them every time-.-"
  2. Won't turn lower the fire for us automatic, the soup was boiling real high!
  3. Their lower down fire = turn off lor, i can't even see the fire when they assume there is!
  4. I can't even understand what the China guy is talking bout. Can't they hired Singaporeans or Malaysians?
But the best thing is that the price is very inexpensive.

Now that i should admit Price = Service! =/


03 October 2008

To feel Angry, Happy or Both?

This is the sweetest!


Sometimes human is really unpredictable & sophisticated,
It's really hard to know what is on someone's mind.
Especially some kind which you don't understand them at all !

I feel Angry; because i don't know why i met those "CUI"
-beings ! & it exist back & forward in my life. _|_!

I feel Happy; because it no longer bothers me, it's gone! (:
but same the beings is everywhere..
It will just "Hello & Bye"..... !

Damn _|_ -up , you know or not?!


Just like you trim your eyebrow!
But after awhile it will still grow strays hair again.
so no matter how hard you trim..
It will still grow right.
& you have to do the same thing repeatedly!

Damn dulan right, you say?!


Anyway, today is Friday's fever! (:
Gonna go for work, afterwards go bq chiong again!
But today is just not my day. Fuck!

02 October 2008

Miss Kelly;
- Trust nobody except yourself.


Went to thai-disco with ; Botak & Jackie.

Alright, i admit that i kind of like thai-disco.
Although there are Thai girl working there to seduce guys
for $$.
But seriously they are very friendly & sociable..
I love their songs & dance, although it's full of techno.
But overall it's enjoyable! :D


Alright, ytd was Hari Raya!
Boat quay was flooded with peoples.
Jamming of cabs & cars everywhere.
Saw a lot of friends & familiar faces (:
And went to different pubs to find different peeps.
End up, DRINK.. Drink drink!
But of course not till drunk la. *haha! :D

Awww.. So much movie i wanted to watch! :I

... Mirrors, Painted skin, The black swindler !!