26 December 2007

Love is dead.
Glimpse of hope is diminished..
Each & every single of hard work is gone.
Everything turns into the same.
No changes!
End up;
Love is empty.

Fool i am; believing in love.
A fool in love.

22 December 2007

"I'm going back regent to study" ((:
Cos i was deeply motivated by one of my brothers,
aka my kor lar. (:

He said, he's gng back rgt, if i go back, most
likely, we'll be in th same class* [:
& den we must really study hard ler.
No halfway give up, pon or whadever shit ler. ((:

Imagine hw wonderful is it if we al could study tgt, revise tgt
for our Test,Exams,Nlvl & even Olvl ! (:
Life would be meaningful cos ther's a certain
target in our life. [:

lalala.. laaa.. laaaaa.. lala..~ ((:

hmm.. hope my trust was worth it, & he won't
disappoint me. (:
"I'hv pinned my hopes on my kor ler".
dunch disappoint me & don't brk ur promise hor. ((:

If cannot make it for next year.. [choychoychoy]*
It's th END of my Journey ler.
Cos, my age is th last batch in sec life.
17 next year!

10 December 2007

Recently woke up in this early *yawns.
My left eye is Swollen! from Bad to Worst..
SOBS! )x
My riqht eye was on th process recoverinq,
& then my left eye started to swollen-.-"

Don't even feel lik qnq out, only went out when
i'hv work.
When Will My Niqhtmare Ends ?
My both eyes was attacked by qerms & bacteria since
september )):
One was okay, th other was bout to qet infected.

Alriqht, recently..
I felt life was bored & meaninqless,
so started to have a new plan for year 2oo8.
Which i think i'll enjoy it very much((:
OkayOkay! That's..

{ Year Of 2oo8 }
1.) Enroll into a new sec sch & nt a pte sch. (:
2.) Work different temp jobs to qet life experience. (:
3.) Get myself a "shopping goal chart" for year 2oo8. (:
4.) Do my time management wisely. (:
5.) Start on my Education journey planning. (:
6.) Get a calendar notebook asap. (:
7.) Gossips/spree/high-tea/sisters gathering for at least per month. (:
8.) New image for a brand new year. (:
9.) Start my anti-lateness programme. (:
10.) Extend my network. (:

I'hv done mine, what bout urs ?

05 December 2007

hmm.. wher shld i start? alriqht..
i found myself a new job! Hurray! (:
Secondly, i qettinq my pay todae (:
Lastly, i'm sinqle/attached. ((:

Those who fills th requirement below..
1.)16 & above.
2.)In search of niqht shift job.
3.)Findinq companions to work toqether with.
4.)need a 6bucks/hr job.
5.)loves pluqqinq earpiece for music.
6.)willinq to work in chanqi.
7.)female preferred.

May contact me for more details. (:

Did't bloq for several weeks, In case of dusty..
It need to be update. ((:

Recently happen alot of incidents,
makes me think durinq the day & niqht..
& finally i come out with a new thinkinq.
"Never trust someone, No matter what happens. Trust your instinct only."
Do ue aqree with me..?
I don't decline i did't trust my instinct at al times,
but just too many conicidence, make me believe in my instinct more.
Don't just judqe throuqh what you see & hear, but with loqic too.
Only this, ue'll find th truth.
Alriqht.. i quess most peoples are qettinq bored with this?

hmmm.. currently i'm-so-addicted to facebook! ((:
it's so nice, those who don't have one, shld try to make one. heees~
okay, it's time to end my post. bye peeps!

17 November 2007

Today, when down to office & then to buqis to
meet my sisters. oink & meh (:
They qave me a m)phosis slipper! >.<
Btw, tomoro qonna celebrate my bdae @ pub.
althouqh it's belated bdae. But least better than nthinq.
In my estimation, ard 10 people are qnq.
& we'r openinq martel ! *{My Fave} ((:
Somemre qot discount~ in th pub i'm workinq soonnn~
But dunnoe wil settle dwn in this pub ma.

In th afternoon, it was a disaster.
Somethinq i did't imaqine that'll happen-.-
& that's 不能說的秘密. (:
It's a secret reqardinq secret laaa~
i cannn't standd.. it laaaaaaaaaa~!!
To Be Happy or Sad? Let's see.


09 November 2007

48 bottles by several hours.

But, i'hv no more other ways ):
Only by this way..
I can earn the anqbao

Nvm (:
btw, i need to rush dwn to quite
alot of places tomorrow.

10am- juronqwest cc
1pm- eunos office
6/7pm- weddinq

shaggg liaos~ ):

There's stiue one mre issue which
i cannot post in public nahs. (x
" KELLY要be自然! " ~~
cannot think toooo~ much laa~! ((:
Must be happyhappyhappy! ;DDD
DON'T think bout that anymree laa~ [:
It's still useless after overall.

- DOUBTS & FEARS are humans obstacles.
Just make every sinqle day a new day;
Which you look forward to. (:

06 November 2007

It's a lonq day today[:
New sonq to intro..


























This sonq suits my mood best laaa~!!

03 November 2007

Did't bloqqed for quite a lonq time.
Recently has been busyinq workinq-

awwww.. today i OVERSLEPT!
why is it so?
i when somewhre til late niqht yesterday.
& went to bed at ard 7plus.
And manaqe to wake up at 3plus in th
afternoon today. awwww )x

Tomorow is a off day.
Means i don't need to come for work.
what bout th 5/nov duedate?
Cannot make it le la... ]]x
NvmNvm, be..
Everyday is a new fresh day! ((:
Never qive up, No matter what happens.

hmmmm.. recently, ther's alot of incident
troublinq me. And messed up my concentration.
omq! It seems that i need to split my concentration
into many different parts.

Freakinq stress-.-?

All because of my dream car laaaa~

Mercedes-benz SLK!
Damn nice riqht? thus, it's my fave red colour.
omq~ awwww.. My-Future-Car [:

26 October 2007

it's another new day. okay..
i'm tryinq to make some effort.
To slp early and wake up early[:

By hook or by crook; i MUST!

Anyway, i'hv just dreamt bout somethinq..
Never dreamt of such a stupid dream before & it was..
just lik a niqhtmare to me.
it was totally privacy la. Therefore,
i could't post out hre. hahas.
But if ue wanna noe, then ask me personally la [:

Oh. anyway.. i won't be online-inq so often now.
must chionq for wrk lers..

22 October 2007

What's over is over [:
There's much mre better store for ue in th future!
What's th biq deal of BGR?!
I'm far mre into CAR, instead of BGR!
Th world bcomes much mre colourful & briqhter,
when ue have a realistic & fabulous qoal!

Currently, busy with work & finally..
i can start my new post now.
& my bloq nearly rust! lol*
Havinq this opportuanity to work in this company,
was qreat! Therefore, i must..
Cherish this makinq money opportuanity[:

What about you?
Are you cherishinq your time?
Are you spendinq your time correctly at th correct place?

I'm full of confident to tel you, I AM [:

Those who are 17 & above..
You Have A Chance!
but it's up to you whether you want to make biq bucks.

There's one thinq that i cannot missed out in this post.

Beinq sinqle isn't a bad thinq at ALL,
Beinq attached may not be a qd thinq.
I stil prefer my sinqle-licous life.
& beinq sucessful in my career!

14 October 2007

Today was definitely a wonderful day [:
went for a interview today @ Eunos.
&& it was qreat! [[x
Tomorow wil be my first traininq,
that job look quite attractive & interestinq.

Anyone who's *17 & ABOVE, thus..
interested in qettinq a job.
pls contact me[:
Either taqboard, hp, msn or even emails.

Okay, back to my topic..
i learn quite a lot of thinqs today.
Which can't really express throuqh words. [:
But i quess, what i need was motivation
& determination [:
So, my first step was to qet a..
qreat motivation book soon!

Never had a job lik this before.
So it's a qreat challenqe to me.

In order to achieve what i want*..
[ qucci/prada clutch baq, beaute de kose cosmetic && etc..]
i must put in 100% of effort.

Looks lik i'm qoinq to end this post soon[:
So, qd luck for whatever ue
aim in life. [: qd byes~

13 October 2007

I'm bloqqinq aqain [:
hahas, quess whre did i qo today?
"juronq point"
hasn't been thre for months.

Anyway, i went dwn thre to meet my
sweetie qianmin & catch a movie tqt.
th movie for today is..
"mr woodcock"
i'll qive 4star for it.
personally, i thinks it's humourous & rather interestinq.
it worth ur money only, if you have
nthinq better to spend at [:
Just lik my situation not lonq aqo ;xx

wanna noe mre bout th movie..?
It's bout a PE coach who is
overly strict & unfriendly towards his students.
& happens to be one of his fat student's
step father in 15 years time.
what a traqic.. yea?
th 15 years have pass..
& that fat student come out with a book of
qettinq out of th past, & bcome real sucessful.
thus havinq a nice build body shape.
but after al this years, he stil hold on to th qrudqe.
And think of a idea to brk up him & his mother.
Did he sucess or not..?
You'll qet to know when ue watch th movie [:

Okay, this's al for today.
takecare quys~ [x

10 October 2007

Alriqht, qonna start my postinq fer todae nw [:
hmmm.. plan to qo fer my interview todae.
but, th same reason aqain.
"overslept" >.<" *heh... That's why todae so free to do my postinq ;xxx Okays. what did i do fer th past few daes..? Of cors.. cam-whorinq nahs [: Here's th photos of those days..



h t t p : / / i n l o v e -n o t . b l o g s p o t . c o m

Anyway! qonna accompany my ark ka liao
qo job huntinq soon, maybe th day afta tomoro or..?
th best place for qaiqai & job huntinq is..
"buqis".. of cors!

Let me introduce a very nice sonq [:
With meaninqful lyrics,
but not qonna place in my bloq.
By donq chen wei & a chord.
Performed in { th-x-family }


我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

指头还残留 你为我 擦的指甲油

没想透 你好像说过 你和我 会不会有以後

世界一直一直变 地球不停的转动

在你的时空 我从未退缩懦弱

当我靠在你耳朵 只想轻轻对你说

我的温柔 只想让你都拥有


我的爱 只能够 让你一个 人独自拥有

我的灵和魂魄 不停守候 在你心门口

我的伤和眼泪 化为有无 为你而流

蕴藏在 无边无际 小小宇宙 爱你的我


你听见了吗 我为你唱的这首歌

是为了要证明 我为了你 存在的意义


世界一直一直变 地球不停的转动

在你的时空 我从未退缩懦弱

当我靠在你耳朵 只想轻轻对你说

我的温柔 只想让你都拥有


我的爱 只能够 让你一个 人独自拥有

我的灵和魂魄 不停守候 在你心门口

我的伤和眼泪化为乌有 为你而流

蕴藏在 无边无际 小小宇宙 爱你的我

爱你的我 不能停止脉搏 为了爱你奋斗 就请你让我 说出口

爱 只能够 让你一个 人独自拥有

我的灵和魂魄 不停守候 在你心门口

我的伤和眼泪化为乌有 为你而流

蕴藏在 无边无际 小小宇宙 爱你的我



我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追寻

追寻你 时间滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

06 October 2007

yeayea! [:
lata qoinq out soon.
quess whre i'm qoinq?

btw, recently has been attracted to th
taiwan idol drama[:
"th x-family"!
wakao, damn nice lor. hehe.
but.. compare to th previous season,
aka "ko one", that was much
mre nicer[:

I has been on & off frm part time job.
Wish to find a full time job real soon la.
next year qonna start my private o ler.
cnnt slack too much from now onwards[:


what to do & whre to qo?
job huntinq, part timinq or slackinq?

To be continued..

05 October 2007

Did't bloq fer several days(:
alot of thinqs happened and chanqed fer th past few days.

Most of my friends are havinq their end-of-year exams.
so, qd luck!
but; it won't affect me anyway(:

Perhaps that's my last decision,
is this th riqht or wronq ones?
I don't know.
Maybe that's th only solution?
betray none,
betray your own self.


26 September 2007

yesterday was so so fun! [[:
okay, ytd when to work wif ark ka liao,
den qottten our pay.
we went dwn yewtee to drink! ((:
as wel as bloop[:
she's not in a veri qd mood, den we jio
her drink tqt [:
"nu ren shi jie" mars.

Unfortunalty, we wre end up drunk-.="
ark ka liao drank 2 bottle of heni..
bloop drank 2 bottle of baron..
ii drank 2 bottle of baron..
with straw fer everyone[:

Butbutbut, al was unfinished.
i vomited thre times at yewtee.
& twice at home.
omq luhs!
den when th last time i vomited..
thre was blood.
fk-inq shit luhs..
dunnoe why sials.
cors i drink wif empty stomach bars.
den nthinq can be vomit out lers.
end up vomit blood luhs ;xxx

Lata qonna qo out soon lers[[:
qoinq bishan!
so peeps, byes[:

25 September 2007

isn't qd?
ue haf al th freedom ue wans.
th time ue wana spend on.
& everythinq jus end like this[:

Really thanks all my brothers & friends
for this time. w/out ue quys,
i think i would havinq brain stroke[x
all th way i stiue think ue quys noe me
th best. knows exactly what i'm thinkinq,
what my hidden up secrets is rewarded
to my ark ka liao lers luhs! [[:

brk up may not seems to be a qd endinq.
bt it is actually(:
it means a endinq & a new beqininq. isn't it?

anys, lata on i'm havinq counselinq &
den afta work proqramme is DRINK! [:
hw can celebrate a joyous occasion
w/out drinkinq neis. hahas.

i love myself.
i love you no mre.
th en d(:

23 September 2007

heartless rankinq of 12 horoscope.

It's in chinese, hahas. i copied this from a website.
& i think it's quite accurate,
so ue could take this information for reference[:


作者:星座123 发表时间:2005-4-24 11:10:17 点击数:172665












第七位: 双子座











Did't step out of house for ard two days-.="
It's really bored stuffinq inside th house.
i can't admit that i thinks alot for this past few daes.
thinkinq of a decision or shld i sae..
a solution..?

Anys, come to noe a sonq on las friday.
damndamndamn nice[[:

{ 现在,很想见你 }

Th lyrics are veri meaninqful & th melody
is so smooth, esp th startinq bell part

Here it qoes..























hms, perhaps when one dae i'm freee..
i'll place this meaninqful sonq in my bloq ba[x







22 September 2007

Today, i'm not qonna ton[:
anys, i'hv qotten back my fone x33
hehe, somemre chanqe into n70(:

so bored of this bloq & skin-.=
wanna chanqe into somethinq new & different.
[hmms.. maybe somethinq with clearer wordinqs, without pictures, briqhter colours?]

Really buaytahan liaos, th days w/out $
are just qivinq me headache. awwww..
there's too many items i wana buy.
i nid to work work work!
wakakas. any job also can nahs.
whether it's sales, office, service line also wil do[:
Despo-ration for jobbbbbb..!!

Let's say about ytd fun-filled event[:
okay, ytd was mooncake festival & i went to..
yewtee(: to find my beloved brothers[[:
Unexpected, when i reached there..
there was ard
20+ ppl-.="
& i was late.
& my brothers was tellinq me to do a..
chicken dance" as a punishment=.="
omq! if i really do that..
cfm xia suay ders luhs.
then.. i just doinq my own thinqs & iqnore
their instruction. LOL! ;DD

Let us carry on to th topic of..
How Did Them Celebrate MoonCake Festival?

Firstly, throwinq liqthers in th fire.
Secondly, spittinq water onto th fire.
Thirdly, throwinq sparkles onto th tree.

*All they did has th percentaqe of [30%] that causes thinqs nearby to catch fire[:

P/S: The followinq information was by ministry of kelly enviroment.

&& i was holdinq to th worsest contrabrand i ever had.
Never, ever i'll buy from there aqain]]:

Wow! ;xx
This entry was so lonq winded.
& my common senses told me to
stop here [[:

I want a sweet dream tonight.
so sick of this world.

19 September 2007

fk fk fk fk!
what had exactly happen?
i hate where i am.
i hate everythinq.
i hate who i am.

I still miss you quys.
When can i see you quys aqain?

16 September 2007

Wonderinq why i'm nt tonninq todae?
Cause todae came back home ard 10plus,
den it's too late to qo out lers.
althouqh i had oread prepared.
th most unfortunate thinq happen.

My mom was damn anqry wif me=.-

{ so.. qd qirls, know what to do? ;DD }

btw, ytd was as usual.
Just dat my profit was th followinq:
[ 2 pair of mondo hiqh heels, 4 fashion maqazine ]

Those maqazines include "teens,cleo,tvb,elle".

&& tomorow where am i qonna qo?

hhmmms.. central? buqis? or..?
of cause qoinq to find a job for myself.
so i'm qonna to be em job seeker for an day(:

Last but nt Least,
need everyone to wish me qd luck(x

{ slack & hiqh pay full time job. hohoho! }

who's qonna be my accompanian?
or shld i sae..
th lucky person? LOL(x

P/S:If anyone who have a kind heart & could accompany me for tomorow job huntinq sesson, please taq me(:

it's quite late nw.
owl is cominq out to search for food.
qoinq off. poof*

13 September 2007

ahahs! todae is thurs(:
actually i'm meetinq him todae ders.
whu noes, my stupid mom luhs.
qo tel him i'm nt cuminq out todae. llols.
anys, me wanna qo fer interview ders luhs!
nw moodles to qo lers. qo alone is..
ta ma de SIAN nors -_="

walaos, holland villaqe ehs.
den d shop is medicure;salon;therpy shop luhs!
qo ther wrk sure damn qo ders.
somemor pay jus nice((:
[blink blink blink]*

Perhaps, Maybe, Possible..

Tomorow then qo fer th interview.
p/s;now pok liaos luhs.

Let me show ue th equation(:

{ no job = no income = no shoppinq = no new clothinqs }

isn't that true?

( Yes, we aqree~!! )


Btw, dat spammer in my bloq is my sis nahs-.-"
bcors of some trival matters.
hhah, it's okay already(:

shall end here lers bahs.
takecare readers!

it's not for forever
it's for th moment..

is th enlightment(:

12 September 2007

haiis. dunnoe what's up wif him todae.
makinq mi moodless tooo~
as usual, lata qoinq to yewtee to slack
wif my beloved friends(:

ytd went dwn to yewtee too.
den slack awhile, sittinq on d wedqe.
on yewtee carpark 5th storey.
ue noe what?
police car went up.
&& once aqain..
"tio screened" !! *[suays]
surprisely, d policemen was quite friendly.
hahas, rarely saw friendly police.
llols. then..
after beinq screened, at there zilian-inq
usinq xuelin fone. hahas((:

my hair is damn messy luhs.

bleahs! xP

see! qot violet liqhtinqs effect(:

just reformated my com.
walaos! qot soooo~ many thinqs nida
instal luhs.
busybusybusy *.*"
esp. bout d photoshop && window vista software.
can wrk as a computerinq assistant liaos lers luhs.
anys, just end here bahs. hhah.
byes~ ><

11 September 2007

freshest day(:

hmm.. quite a lonq tym did't bloq liaos lers.
recently happen alot of thinqs nahs. llols.
siians ders nors, todae stiue haf to qo fer
d stupid counselinq! waste my time jiu haf luhs.
hmpf! ;xx
one dae nv cum out lers.
stuff to death soon lers lars.
lata jiu qot fresh air to breathe luhs((:

Anys, jus dreamt of somethinq todae.
somethinq ii nv dreamt dat ii would dreamt of.
wanna noe..? ask me nahss(: hahas.

&& thanks oinky! love ue lots sials.
thanks fer ur concern n advice x3

wakaos! late fer my counselinq liaos.
[bu xianq qu sia]*
nvm.. shun bian qo out to buy some
"fresh air".


03 September 2007


sometimes; there're unpredictable thinqs happen.
just that you don't know when and what.
sometimes; there're unpredictable person appear.
just that you don't know when and who.


p/s:if you don't qet what's the japan phrase means. it's definetly okay(:

What can i say? There's too much thinq happen
this past few days. Anyway, qoinq to farmart was
fun on last sat. hahas. threw eqqs at the qoat,
feed the qoat with wild qrass. lols ;x

Hope the qoat is still healthy! ((:

Then ron was fishinq for shimps and manaqe
to fish around 7. hahas. Then we bbq it((:
*[ yummy ] It was damn delicous and nice lars! ;DD
*[ 5 stars for it ]! lols.

Actually was findinq my brothers on saturday.
toooo~ bad they went without tellinq me! awwwww..
sadded! )): nvm! There're always another time.

Then saw robert on the way of lonely travel.
hahas, then i joined them and slack tqt.

lalalalas~ today not qoinq out. Finally! qet the
chance to do my bloqqinq. hohoho!(x

31 August 2007


today was a fun filled day(:
went to my t.w.p.s to remiscene my pri sch life.
really not into tonninq toniqht. hhah.

perhaps; tomorow..?
see how ;D

awwww.. saw my primary sch friends(:
erm.. but...
Not really chanqe much ;x
Really miss them lots nahs!



30 August 2007

todae i'm really happy(:
went to cosmoprof to b choujinqyu model.
llols. d makeup really takes alot of effort & time.
btw, todae oso late nors. LOL.
ue know what happen?

i went to cathay to mit her, n did't saw her-.-"
ii thot she went fer skol oread, cors she was llate.
hmmm.. wait a minute;

when i pass by the tv in cathay. i saw a trailer.
a trailer of bunenqshuodemimi "secret"..
suddenly, memories flew by me. remisence of
those memories. but, still i need to face the facts.
touqh facts. hais.

so i went out of cathay n searchinq fer my
paradiz centre. llols. searchinq it hiqh n low


but wher's cosmoprof?
lift n stairs can't b seen-.-"
finally! bth lers~ ask a security suan le ba.
dden he point d lift to me-.-"
dots hor? dden went up d lift n went in d sch.
quess what? d receptionist sae dat..
choujinqyu did't come fer lesson. omq!
dden she called hher lars.
n she finally came. hohoho(:
althouqh was a little bit late. but not too late lars.
n when she reached..
she was telinq me..

she saw a lady who looks lyk me, but was..
wearinq sunqlasses. -.-"
so she thot it was not me. n did't catch me up.
LOL! nvmnvmnvm-.-"

dden afta d whole pro makeups, wana c hw i
look lyk? hahas. not todae lars.
i did nt qotcha d photos yet.
so.. next tym bars(:
hmmm.. afta d whole process, we went
findinq fer our friends n went back yewtee(:
as wel as do our "qaiqai".
hohoho! i qot 2top & 1short + 3"makeuptools"
cnnt reveal is which shop ders nahs.
or else dey + chop closed dwn ders.
wakakas! xDDD

shld end here lers bars. hhah((:

29 August 2007

hms, did't qo home fer 1dae. dunnoe y.
moodless to qo home n qo out oso.
smokinq slowly n qradually bcame 1 biq part of my life...
without ciqs; life r jus bored n lonely.
i reliase it's hard to find someone who,
can share your woes.
there seems to be no one cares and
understands me.
and i jus walk alone dwn my lonely street..
peoples r havinq their happy tyms ard.
n i'm d onli one left alone.
she was riqht.
TRUST was important in every
whether it was friendship, love, family or..
what so ever..
w/out it. eur relationship means..
NOTHING. emptyemptyempty-
days pass by, 1..2 and 3 days..
this 3 days i qain nthinq but wastinq tym.
n i reliase that i do this lonq aqo..
i waste quite a several months,
doinq nthinq useful.
what shld i do next? where shld i qo? my plans?
i dunnoe. this is my empty life.
livinq was meaninqless fer me..
hais. jus lettinq days fly pass me day by day.

27 August 2007

it won't be the same. never ever.
dere's too much thinq happen ytd..
the worsest dae i ever had.
ytd ii brk up wif my std.
that's not the thing that made me felt upsad.
hais.. ue won't noe that feelinqs,
unless ue experience it.
why ii seems to be d last person whu
noe d truth?! WHY?!
no one told me. except those hintinq.
those unhappiness are hidden behind my mask.
no one ever understands.
someone who ue really trusted hide the truth frm ue.
but that's not finish. that's not all.
the worse thinq was..
the one ue ____ most, PLAYED YOU!
wtf?! damnnn it... so damnn fk-up!!
i'm human! i'm not a toy to every sinqle one. i'm not cold blooded tooo~
haiis. why thinqs turned out to be in this way..?!
there's really too much ii need to say.
if ii can turn time back..
ii would stiue choose back the same road.
seriously. && never reqreted.
ii'hv draqqqq... everythinq & cause some misunderstandinq.
hohoho! d truth is wif me & no one ever noe.
maybe some may not understand or misunderstood why ii choose to do that.
ii planned to brk wif my ex on fri, afternoon ders.
who knows d outinq is cancelled & noo what so ever hp
ii can use to msq mars. -.-"
& SOME..
misunderstood.. ii brk up bcors of another reason.
anyway, everythinq has ended.
different story, different endinqs.
ii shld look forward(:
with optimistic, cheerful, confident attitude.
every tomoro is another new day((:

; pretendinq knowinq nothinq):

24 August 2007

hhah! uploaded one photo. just edited nias. hheeees~!!
btw, eddy bdae cominq lers. brouqht hiiis bdae present lers nahs. llols.
he muus b damnn happy ders lars.
tomoro qoiinq CENTRAL.
hohoho ;DDD
sudden attack. eddy saes hhe tomoro...
walauuu.. hw to qif hiim present..
ii dunch care. durinq school tym oso muus
qif hhim nahs nahss.

llols. btw,
ii'm just tooo~ happie bout tomoro lers.
waited fer daes nahs.
ii'm not referinq hiis bdae lars. llols.
hmmms.. it's another..
ue noe ue noe.. LOL.
hmm, btw.. stop here lers bahs.
too happie to continue my bloq lers.
bye readers!

19 August 2007

wakakas! ;DDD
ytd just went out with my beloved aniimals`hut(:
we went to amk hub den to yewtee to makan,
last but not least..
we DRANK! hheeees~
2baron,2tiqer. hiqh arss!
+ + is with my moomoo wor.
nv saw hher drink bfore.
oink, moo & bloop.. tqt.
chalet aqaiin.. steady!? xDD
as usual d rest of our time, we spendinq on..
SLACKING!! but..
somethinq unpredicted happen. haiis.
ivan & ben qot cauqht fer stealinq bicycle.
so ta ma ders suuayy norss!
too much of a coincidence..
a police car pass by & saw what dey did.
=.=" suuuaayyyss larss~~!!
haiis. nw da problem iis dunnoe
mars & ron wil tio mars..?
hope nthinq happen to dem & da 2 dat qot lock-up.
btw.. lata watchinq "bu nenq shuo de mi mi"~!!
hahas. cfm + chop niice ders luhs.
my FAVE~ "jay chou" act ders leiis((:
hheeees~ anys, just end here bahs.
Takecare & Byes readers!

17 August 2007

todae ii'm so quai! ;DD
hhah. rarely ii'll stay at hhome fer d whole daes.
anys, tomoro qoiinq amk hub wif..
quess whu?
"animals`hut"! (:
heeees~ d whole qrp qatherinq at amk hub((:
somemore qot my pay lers.
tomoro can shop happily toooo~
"my RED skinny jeans"~ !!
hehe. wanna noe our qatherinq plan..?
really..? hhah. kiiess..
firstly we qoiinq to amk hub to do our
shoppinq, den we move on to
lakeside beer qarden to haf our
yummy dinner(:
EG. spicy ladyfinqer, prawn, sotonq, sour & sweet.. nn so on(:
most proberbly.. (:
miss my animalshutsters && 5408sters ;DD

16 August 2007

hmm, ytd was anisia bdae. hhah. as wel as pay-claiminq dae((:
llols. my actual pay was $25o+ but d stupid clothinqs ii brouqht, cost me $130+
siians, end urp ii qot $12o+ fer my whole week pay-.-" wakao!
damn lless nors. afta ii took my pay frm m.c.p..
me, jinqyu, jack & yuxiianq went ard buqiis junction,
lookinq fer present fer hher. hhah. finally..
we found somethinq suits hher frm mu-ee~
hhah. quess what's dat..? a "miirror"..!
dat mirror was damn damn ccute nors ;D
qot zhuzhu pictures all over d miirror. llols.
oh yars!
ytd happen somethinq veri fuck-up!
actually was meetinq fiona qo take our pay ders.
dden.. her friend sae what tio dai ji?!
dden cannot qo lers. anyways, dat thinq veri soon jiu panqsua liaos nors.
dden lyk that dua uus.. feel so fuck-up ders luhs.
stiue make us damn troublesome,
mit petir den come dwn jalapanq dden qo pendinq take buus.
but afta some conversatiion, jiu panqsua lers. hheeeees~ (:
hhmm, btw.. afta we went to buuqis,
our next stop was yewtee lers. dden qif anisia bdae present..
jiu join d rest at mac slack nors.
quite aload of police was surroundinq yewtee.
dden day haf to qo separate ways. but same destination.
that's "yewteepark".
but.. fortuanely, ii was not wif them at that time. lalas(:
or else.. ii'm brkinq d promises to myself lers.
when did ii swore to myself..?
ii dunnoe.
month of april..?
ii promise my bros((: too.
not even to step a sinqle step in.
since then,
ii did't even qet a chance to see what yewteepark looks lyk.
hhmm, that swore stiue remains.
it's in my first bloq. hhah(: click here .
anys, don't think there's anythinq much to talk(: bye readers! ((:

12 August 2007

hahas, today did't turn up for work. cause unable to wake up early lars.
cfm tio pok ders nors. lalas(: ii dunch care. llols.
lata qonna mit jinqyu at yewtee lars. as usual.. slack aqaiin. hhah((:
btw, everyone.. can do me a favor..? help me check d followinq ip address(:
p/s; if it's the case, it shown.. 22o.255.98.??
-it's okay(: cause, it won't totally be the same.

just put up a new sonq in my bloq ;D
that's " when you are qone "

11 August 2007

hmm, dunnoe wher to start frm.. two days aqo, d "suayiers" thinq jus happen to me. someone spam cikcik's bloq. & ppl misunderstood it's me. omfk-inqas. it was like, so disappoiinted when those ppl ii trusts real much, suspect me. can ue imaqiine? okie, nvm. dden dey checked d time, d spammer spam.. 7plus. it was on one of d day when ii was workiinq. *pheww.. finally nors. dden meaninq d person whu spam can't be me & fiona.. hmms, whu d hel is dis fk-inq bytch?! if llet me noe whu it is, sure let me wrack til nose bleed jialat jialat! cause me into so many trouble. fk lars. btw, afta ytd work.. as usual, ii went to yewtee luhs. dden slack slack, afta dat.. we went to kranji reservoir slack. boliaos orh-.-" walao! thiqs, feet, wrist.. damn ta ma de pain norss~ *sniffsniff.. hehe. but overal stiue enjoyable lars. enjoyable as iin slpinq at d reservoir. lols ;DD hms, btw.. todae ii'm nah qoiinq fer work lers. cause of d tiredness n dull eyes. ermm, as well as lata qoiinq condo swim oso lars. hahas. shhh! ;DD anyway, there's nthinq much fer me to write anymore. dat's all. bye readers! *qiqqle~

09 August 2007




静静地风吹醒 那些曾经转过身

我用眼泪聆听心 该怎么学会去

适应那些没你的安静我 也想小心地收起所

有回忆却总是忍不 住不断的翻起没想过爱竟会

下落不明寂寞都 不忍心故事的结局走不出背影我只能

(我只能) 静静地风吹醒 那些曾经

(那些曾经)转过身 我用眼泪聆听心 该怎么学会去

适应那些没你的安静我 也想小心地收起所

有回忆你却一直住在心里 是谁都无法代替

Ho-Oh~ Woo-OhDa-Da-Da-Da-Da Da-DaWoo-Oh-Ho~

我的心 该怎么学会去 适应那些没你的安静我

也想小心地收起所 有回忆却总是忍不 住不断


hmm, haha. did't bloq fer da ppast few daes, btw.. jjus happen sometinq shockeniinq luhs. aiiyo. muh hao sista miisunderstood mi. haiis. she thot ii take her thinqs n ran.. haiis. but, end urp actually hher thinqs iis wif another person lars. dunnoe why.. she wil suspect n cfm i'm da one whu take her thinqs. it was like.. omq! it's not me, i'm really not. why would ue suspect mi.. omq. hais. nvm, anyways.. it's over(: jus dat both person belt n charqer wif me luhs. llols. haha. lata qoiinq yewtee return ddem lers((: btw, todae iis momokor bdae ;DD yeah! hehe. N sinqapore bdae(: llols. actually plan to qo esplanade c firework n marina south to eat steamboat ders luhs. but nw.. seems impposible lers): my MOM lars! dunnoe y suddenly PMS.. dots. sae dunwan qif mi $.. arqqq! sae ii kip spend hher $. plss luhs, ii now workiinq, stiiue did't qort my pay yet leiis. niid 1month tym to spon me ders mars. everyone, you meiis you?! really damn bth! todae iish ii speciially take off ders nors. + it's momokor as well as sinqapore bdae! wakaoo.. qoiinq off crazy lers luhs! hw cann ii waste my off dae lyk dis?! some more pubic holis qort extra off at another dae luhs. take off at dis day means, my another off day iish qone leiis! suffer n sacrifice so much jus for TODAY. haiis. bth,bth! damn it! suaysuay day. ytd was iin really qd luck nors. muh sales was 560+.. hohoho(: 1st tym sales so qd nors. today leiis. kns dae. verii fk-up ders lars. spoil my whole MOOD! arqqqqq..

04 August 2007

wahaha. saw my idol ytd at vivovity. hms, ytd wrkinq in iso mars. dden durinq 7/8plus.. ii saw nic! 迷路兵 ders niic.. llols.he come my shop buy jacket. llols, dunnoe wif hiis manaqer or what shit lars. hehe. rare customer. btw, qonna orhorh lers. nites reader ;D

02 August 2007

hohoho! ;D ii done a new IQ test(: here's my result..

IQ Test Score

hmm, hhah. & da financial test. llols.

prosperous! yeah! hhah. llols. recently life iis so bored, other den ton, my life iis slack & smk only nors. nvm, i just found a brand new job((: hehe. ed central, wrkiinq as a salesqirl bahs. in a shop called ISO. hehe. dden da pay iis ed least $1ooo, & $15o commission nors. wkriinq hrs is frm 11am to 9pm, 6 days/wk basis. da boss quiite friendly.. hope diis job can llast nors. hhah ;D when qort pay, suure qo shop till DROP! ((: hmms, think ii shld stop da crap hhere lers(: bbye, readers! ;D

30 July 2007

there's too much thiinq happen ard mi.
hmm, dunnoe hw shld ii spend dae..
everythinq bcame too troublesome fer mi.
i'hv to spend extra mile to do those thinqs i usually ddo.
likewise, qoiinq to work/meetinq friends/earninq money & so on..
anythinq~ lata qoiinq off to prepare
& cal up my beloved XiquaiiLan(: tooooo..
mit at a location fer work! hhah ;D
wonder who ii taqqinq wif todae. hheh.
d best is someone who can talk or carry. lalas(:
anyway, i spend ard 2hrs to find & edit a new bloqskin.
*smilinq widely* it's done & finally ii can relieve myself!
my eyes is rather tiired afta all those "word searchinq stuff".
llols. hmm, mayb ii would carry on my bloqqinq on da next dae.
take care readers(:

27 July 2007

damn ta ma de suay todae luhs. arqq! todae benlai wann qo skul to diisturb dat jiao bytch, whu noes dat chao snq saw mii. dden thot ii wann cuum back skul study. dunch bhb n erxiin lars.. whu wiish to study iin dat jiaooooo skul?! llols. nvm, as usual, lata qoiinq work aqaiin luhs! muuus CLEAR! yeah((: dunnoe whiich area diis tym lers. -.-? heeheees. aniiwae. thiinkinq of chanqiinq nnew skiin fer my bloq nors. diis wann, kan dao siian lers. llols. wanna sometiinq fresh fer iit. btw, alort of thiinqs happen diis past few daes.. sad/anqry/happy oso qort lars. llols. buh nnw ii'm damn ta maaaaa de happieeeee nnors((: aniiwae, qtq lers. bye readers!(:

22 July 2007

diis few daes quiite busy, so.. did't qet a chance to bloq nors. hmms, btw.. recently muh bloq ish quiite happeninq. hhah(: all thanks to d "humji doqqiie spammer". tel dat spammer dunch humji liiaos. haiiyo. jiu shi bu hui tinq. hhah. buaii sonq mii, can 24hr cuum find mii ders. den vomit infront of mi n llet mii see((: dare spam, dden dunch dare reveal identity. nvm, diis kind of small tinq, iish nthinq iin muh eyes. btw, recently busy wrkiinq as a iicecream seller n clerk. hhah. llols. dden kip slackiinq ed yewtee oso. hms, what happen ytd was a diisaster. omq man. qo cheers kop liiquor. dden driink wif frens dden drunk wiif frens. dden drunk lyk shiit luhs. llols. dden sae alort "bu yiinq qaii jianq" ders tinq nnors :x bfer dat ii when to dwntown east. actually qoiinq escape ders. dden ii was llate n end urp waitinq fer ddem outsiide d escape. afta dat we when to d town. hahas. llols. d route was bored, so ii take sum photo iin d traiin. choochoochoo~

*p.s: i lurfh d chaiir colour lorts lorts nnors((:

10 July 2007

hmm, another fiine dae. llata qonna qo fer interviiew. it's located at tiionq bahru plaza. hehe. pay iish $18oo/m, work as a salesqurl lars. llols((: at a shop called "double index". hhah! pay so hiqh orhs. but dunno qd mars. hmm.. ytd cikcik cum muh hse hhere fiind mi(: dden we slack awhiile & haf our diinner tqt. hhees. aniiwae everyone jjus wiish mii qd luck fer todae kiies? >.<

09 July 2007

hmm, ytd happen alort of thinqs. haiis, due to those sayiinqs. and ii learn one thinq. hhah here it qoes.. "a mouth iis more powerful than a sword.." suddenly relaiise alot of thinqs. most importantly iis that.. ii'hv chanqed into another person siince las year. that diifferent was sho biiq! ii cannot reveal where da diifferent lies. hehe(: my close friends shlld nnoe what ii'm referiinq bars..? those adiivce qiiven wil b remembered ders((: ii'll try my best lars. btw, ii'hv planned my 2oo7 july-dec qoal! llols. siince ii started workiinq. but unclear bout da pay. bbut cfm it's rouqhly bout $1ooo. hhah. xD fiirstly, it's to buy a n73me~!! dden save money fer partly of nnext year priivate skol costs n diis year b'dae party. hohoho(: 16! can qo underaqe party((: but if 18 dat's much more better. cfm hiiqh ders luhs.. btw, ii may not be so free nowadays. cause started workiinq lers. hhees. dat's all.. bye readers(: n one important thinq.. d las bloq postiinq was officially deleted by "kelly" today(: it's a miisunderstandinq post. Xp

05 July 2007

wakaka! ytd went to amk hub aqaiin((: brouqht 1 black tapler jeans & 1 lonq qrey jacket. hhah.everytym qo amk hub, cfm qo dat store, called "Askenene"(label with no concept...). llols. dden qotcha d priivileqe card too. fer purchase above 50bucks mars. dunnoe y. super-like dat store ders clothiinqs(: niiceniiceniice! recently busy fiindinq job. aiiyo. dden stuck ed d com oso stuck ed d job hunt dere. makiinq muh eyes feel so tirinq nors. llols. btw, saw muh brothers aqaiin ytd(: 5408 tqt aqaiin. when we'r tqt, cfm wun bored ders. we joke, slack, fool ard.. nv qort a siians tym ders. hms, dey jus ask mii out aqaiin. thinks* llata qo fiind dem bars. jinqyu nnow cfm qoiinq aju~niied dere interviiew ders. hhah. $15oo/m leiis! sososo muuch luhs. dden ii tiink too far lurs, rather orhorh luhs. hhees. ii nnoe ii'm piiq lars. but rarely slp ytd mars. you meiis you. hms, aniiwae, tink ii end hhere bars(: bye readers!

04 July 2007

it was another nnew dae, n muh aiim fer todae was lookinq fer nnew job! wakaka! (: hms, anii admiin/clerk job wil do lars. hhah. btw, llata qoiinq clarke wif muh mummy, she wana buy tops fer hherself n we'r haviinq our lunch over ddere. planned to eat steamboat lars. hahas. hhope it's available dere luhs. btw, it's been a lonq tym siince ii stop studyiinq. awww.. but stiiue did't qotten a stable n proper job luhs. hms, a pay rate ard $12oo/m, ii'll b verii satisfied wif it lurs. hohoho! tiian ars. stop smkiinq fer ard 1 whole dae lurs. bth! ii wana buy ciiq lars! perhaps afta qoiinq shoppinq wif mummy dden qo yewtee fiind jinqyu, karp fer ciiqs. hhees((: aniiwae, dere's nth fer mii to sae. so.. ii stop hhere bars. bbyes!

02 July 2007

arqqq! hahas. ytd wrkwrkwrk. afta wrk, ars bloop insist mii on peii-inq hher. hms, sor jiu peii hher luhs. but too manii tinqs unpredictable happens. when both of uus rch yewtee. suum one qif black fface lars. dden saw suum of muh ppast frens dden talk awhiile lars. hahas. did't tink bfor dat dey wil talk to mii. llols. once aqaiin, dat feeliinq of brotherhood come back to mi. hms, dunch really lyk to b ed yewtee, cors suum ppl face lyk bao-qonq, den some kip on di-siao. si bei du lan. dden bloop oso diiamdiiam, den bth. dden ii qo cck fiind fren luhs. nv thot dat d next moment happens a biiq thinq. aiyos. bloop called mi, n quess whar she sae..? bbrk lurs! omq! dden ask hher come fiind mi luhs. walao ehs. she dunch deserve dis kiind of treatinq. whar d hel he's doiinq?! cors muh siista tear fer hiim. seriiously, hhe dunch worth it luhs! haiis. nvm. dden afta awhiile we leave n qo sunshiine place luhs. qo dere slack awhiile jiu qo home liiaos(: hhah. until 6plus dden awake lars. llols. aniiwae, it's tym to qo off. bye readers!

30 June 2007

hhah, jjus wake urp. btw, ytd happen alort of tiinqs. both qd n bad, hhms, ytd when out ard 8pm to miit muh beloved jiinqyu mars. dden as usual, slack! afta dat saw several of our frens, dden kana di siiao!! arqq.. sae tinqs bout mii wher it's iisn't truue. siians. afta dat qo cck miit fren qo pub luhs. dat pub iish located ed raffles place dere lars. iin d verii beqiininq we rch dat pub, dere was one word to diiscriibe "siians!". afta dat more n more ppl left, it bcuum more n more fun lurs. kiip driinkinq chiivas. llols. buh hopefully, did't end urp drunk lars. hahas. suum ppl vomiited n was send bback to home nnors. dden d rest went to 302 slack. ed ddere damn siians nnors. slack ard a few hrs, dden went bback home lurs nnors. hms, reliases alort of tinqs ytd. found out a person truue colour.. haiis, so diisappoiinted dat hhe was dat kiind of person. whu kiip fakiinq infront of uus. a fakiinq diisquise of ue. walao. can't iimaqiine dat ii'm sososo stupiid iin d ppast lars. muh hheart totally dropped out. muh qosh. but as well, muh heart flew to another pperson lars ^^ cannort sae iish whu leiis. hhees((: suddenly sumtinq cuums to muh miind. a word "flirt". muh sista discribe mii as flirt. haas? perhaps ii'm one? ii dunnoe. whar ii was doiinq was so called flirt..? buh all diis was due to suum other reason. if nnort fer dat, wil ii fal wif another person..? oh my tiian.

29 June 2007

aww.. quess whar? todae iish muh fren bdae. hhah. d 2906. llols. llata qoiinq pub to celebrate hhiis bdae wif jinqyu. buh can't b qoiinq dere wif empty hands riite. on d other hand, muh pockets was burnt! aww.. feel so bad lars. went a bdae party w/out present. lalalas~ hheard ddem sayiinq hhe openinq 2 whiskey & 1 volka((: hhah. diiaos, jinqyuu shld b waiitinq fer mii nnow. shld qo prepare lurs. hhah. bye readers!

28 June 2007

woots! hhah. jjus rch hhome. llata qoiinq out aqaiin. sob. qo tapler jeans. nnow counted as pok lurs? wher qet money leiis? haiiyo. did't went hhome ytd, could't take frm mummy mars. suumore she stiue hot mii luhs. afta qo tapler, den qo amk hub shop wiif arh bloop, she buy, ii watch-.- llols. siians nors. n hhor.. muus qo qet our jeans den qo wrk. arqq~ cfm busy one luhs. siians. btw((: ytd, hohoho! firstly, when yewtee fiind muh fren, sijinq n another fren. dden slack awhiile, qo miit jinqyu n hher fren, ard 1plus? dden slack till siians lurs, qo yewtee slack. llols! dat place ii hate most lars. aiiyo. slack til 6 or 7plus. we saw ppl weariinq unifrm qoiinq skul. dden we was wonderiinq of.. "y dunch we waiit fer jov dey all dden send ddem to skul uhs"? hahas! dden we was lyk watchiinq each other eyes. hohoho. nnoe whar ue tinkinq liaos. llols. siistas r lyk dat ders lars. xin you liinq xi, yii diian tonq((: llols. dden we waiit fer hher ed minii mart luhs. dden waiit waiit, slack slack ed other place. fiinally! reciieve hher fone cal. muh oink ars! hahas. dden we qo miini mart ders staircase ddere smksmk. hoho. mii n bloop quiit skul lurs mars. dden we was sayiinq.. "kan dao naden lan lan", "kan dao larry neo lan lan", llols. kip on sayiinq lanlan, lanlan. c whu oso lanlan. wahaha, feelinq of quiited skul feels qd, yeah..? dden oiink did't quiit skul mars. dden she qif dat fface -.o llols. sry muh dearest oiink! n coincidently.. ue nnoe whu ii saw..? "larry neo~!" llols. dden oiink was lyk runninq urp d staircase. cors she was smkiinq n wearinq unifrm. ii nnoe she's shaqq lars. dden we jjus siit dere. haha. weariinq home clothes. sonq bo..?! dden we was suum sort of "chattinq wif larry neo". llols. those boliiaos tinqs lars. llols. afta dat send jov to bustop sitsit nnor. dden went skul, send hher to d qates! llols. buhh, unfortuanely, she was llate! omq. dden we was wallkinq towards d qates, suddenly saw d qates close-.- siians diiao. nvm luhs. contiinue walkwalk. dden suddenly saw one siide n back viiew verii familar one. hmms, orh! ii noe whu liaos. den was teliinq muh fren. "desmond leiis, ji de na qe ma, desmond." lmao! dunch expect hiim to turn back. buh hhe did it due to hiis perfect hheariinq. llols! den he turn bback n sae halo to uus. as ue nnoe.. oink, bloop n mii r friiendly ppl mars, sor.. wo men ye yii yanq luhs((: llols. dden, afta awhiile, jinqyu sae one tiinq, "hou mian na qe nu de yi zhi kan zhu ni ehs". dden ii turn bback. "chiiobu wor"(ue noe ii'm sayiinq d opposiite.) hahas. ue nnoe whar ii did. cors she was lyk bio-inq muh slippers mars. sor ii shake muh leqs obviously. hahas. dden watchiinq hher face. dden when d moment ii shake, she look urp to mii. imsao! ii, bloop n oiink was lauqhiinq lyk mad ed hher. hahas! dden afta national antem, dey qo iin. dden when d qurl qo iin hhar. ii say one tiink. quess whar..? ii said. "bye~ chiiobu"! hahas. llols.all was lauqhiinq lars. llols. dat "chiobu" cfm buey ta han lars. cors iin d verii fiirst place jinqyu qort plaeplae sae "chiiobu" leiis. llols! ps, story stiiue nnort ended. dden waiit fer bloop mom cuum luhs. muh mom too lazy to cuum siiqn d paper liaos, muus waiit fer tomoro. siians diiao. busy aqaiin. dden we went to a blk n slack luhs. n suddenly talk bout dat quy. sloppy looks, esp d eyes. n d facial expessiion was tellinq ue suumtink. "ii'm tiired, ii wann orhorh". imao! hahas. den we lol aqaiin. buh tiink deeply. hhe llooks quiite cuute~ iin dat way lars. hhah((X jjus iimaqiine luhs. "bu jianq jiu dui bu qi zhi ji le la". haha. kiip lol ppl. sor bad luhs. i amiit! kkies. hahas. btw, suum parts of muh bloq deleted lars. shaq. bout chao snq ders lars. fcukiinq hel cher. send mii qo hhome? qo hel pls. piissed off frm muh siiqht. sae ii cannort stay iin skul premiises leiis. wtf she saeiinq. neii sii wann muh mom cuum den cann stay. siiao peh ars..? okay, tat's all fer todae! bye reader((: