31 March 2009

I'm Moving out TONIGHT! :DD
& It's at a Kuku-.- hour, (Midnight?!)


Anyway, I've already Pack my stuff (:
The only thing is that, I've NOT brought my daily usage items
for my new place.
Including ; bedsheet, blanket, shampoo, body wash & etc..
Later on gonna buy, & it's a last min BUY :O
Gonna drag my feet upon the big & small shopping/grocery bags.

It will be Tired, Tired, TIRED....!! :/


P/s: Oh & btw.. I won't drink
barcadi 151 ever again in my life!
*It's just like a tasteless alcohol. Yucks >.<
Damn strong!
Prefer only "Sierra" Tequila :D

13 March 2009

Just Random Photos (:

Oh God. I just wore contact lens w/out makeups.

Some photos just happen to saw in my lappy :/
Decide to upload since it's been awhile since i update my blog.

Yesterday is a tiring night..
Went to view the apartment @ Burlington Sq.
once more & signed
another tenant contract.

Afterward, went to "Winebro" with mom :D
Drank a bottle of french red wine & started to have
headache ;/
But, decided to go for 1Jug of beer @ "Honey Pub",
since not meeting our friends at another club.
And it's still early.
Lefted Boat Quay before 3am :I
I reckon it's the earliest i can ever be..? Lol.

10 March 2009

A Night In Boat Quay! :D

Me & Wangzi @ Honey Pub.

Me & Jingyu @ Guess Where Pub.

Haha, going to shopping more on this recent (:
Cutting on drinking in pubs.
Brought quite a few stuff this recent too,
Top, outerwear, heels, bag & contact lens..
Feeling much more satisfied with stuff, rather than drinking.


P/S: Cannot, cannot.
Still got my rent & housing stuff!
Cannot continue this way~
Must cut down on shopping tooo... =I

05 March 2009

Haha, this is my band logo (:


I'm busy friends! :I
Didn't drink for 3days already.
Aw... & I'm missing it already :X

Well, & I'm now thinking
of what phone to buy after i give the deposit.

But, I wouldn't want to get a Iphone again, haha!
Maybe.. Omnia, Xperia, HTC Diamond, Imate.. ?

Sometimes, i do miss Iphone..! :/

I'm Happy! (:
I'm Happy! (:
I'm Happy! (:

03 March 2009

One bad news & One good news..!

Which news do you wanna hear first? =/


Okay, let's start with my BAD news..

& that's ...


Seriously, i think i dropped it in the cab when i
was leaving Boat quay, aw...
Thus, this is the first time in my entire life..
I lost a phone :O

Just take it as a expensive experience..?
But, i keep losing stuff starting from the start
of the year leh!
Why so suay uh?
Firstly, is Money & now is Handphone ...
Hope there won't be a third time losing stuff.

The funniest thing is that,
i actually call through my phone for the 15hrs from
the point i lost my phone.
I think the taxi uncle simply park his taxi
happily & went back home w/out checking
the back seats.

& i guess my phone is out of batt with hrs of
calling! Lol.


& i know u wanna hear the GOOD news :DD

It's that I'm definitely moving out by 1st of April to a
new place

& that's on April fool day! Lol.
So that will be my busy day uh :I
Don't try to call or sms me to disturb.

That place would be a condo at Burlington square.
Which is located at bencollen (:
A year contract of renting with my 2 other friends!
& I've sign the agreement.

This month would be a tight budget month.
There's a lot more of stuff to pay or buy, other than a deposit
& rent.

For stuff like..
Dvd player, Steam iron, Personal laptop, detergent, shampoo,
bodywash, new phone, conditioner, alcohol & etc...


I shall cut down on drinking.
I shall stay at home more.
I shall cut down of going restaurant.
I shall cut down on shopping.
( P/s:I don't shop much actually, haha!)

But, just for this month "MARCH" .. !


Next time i can drink & smoke freely at my
own paradise :D