21 September 2008

Was Drinking the past few nights,
Life seems to be getting boring =.=
Repeating what i do each & everyday.

I feel like going out. Feeling lifeless.
I need some Freaking Counseling.

10 September 2008

One big news again,
Watashi going back Qool bar work.
but on fri & sun (:
Shall not elaborate on the issue.


Recently has been addicted to
*Link to the picture above (:
Really a nice while funny show lo! xD
P/s: With my fave domoto tsuyoshi! hehe.

And i completed one japanese movie (:

Detective Conan live action :D
Link for Chinese subtitle
Link for English subtitle

Flim by so called "Rui" from boys over flowers..
Too bad it's not a series.
Cause it's better than in animations.
P/s: Thus the main character so good lookinggg~!! lol.


The hangover i suffered on Monday,
lasted for 2 days lor!

Do you believe that i slept for 2 days?
Wake up to eat & daily basic only.

No joke!

Can't even believe i can sleep so long,
as if i were in a 3D2N chalet! =/

07 September 2008

I want to watch this show!
Heard from my friend that it's nice,
thus with detective Kindaichi! (:


Anyway, i'm not working at Qool Bar anymore! (:
Never go for work..
But it's okay!
I still got my main job in order to survive :D
Still got my fri & sat back to chionggg~!!
Hohos! (x

Today i'm damn shitty no mood ]:
Best of the worst,
today is my off day..
Good luck to you lo! =/

05 September 2008

Just watched "花より男(boys over flowers): Final" yesterday :D
A japanese movie which originated from "流星花園"
as well as the same title Manga.
Rating was 4/5 [:

Super-Duper funny &
the characters are sooooo~ gd looking!

Awww.. going to work later on till 5am =/
Tired! -.-

03 September 2008

Just happen to saw one sentence..
& find it totally right.

"Ignorance is bliss, but being naive is a different matter."

Don't you guys agree?

It applies in many different edges of my life, as well as others.


Anyway, i find my work at qb is much more of time consuming.
Cause every time i go chiong is always clashed with my working time.
Then bobian, cannot go chiong! *sulk! ]x
Must serve those people go chiong instead & see people faces.
=.= Humpf!
Aku Buay Ta Han! :/
For th sake of 30bucks.
& i have to sacrifice 3hrs of my happy hrs -.-"

Do you think it worth?

I'm craving for S