27 December 2008

Well, my X'mas wasn't really a good one.

In the beginning i went to honey pub with my friends,
& then got those "usual" spraying when near to 12am..
After that I'm not happy with some pte stuff..

So i went to canto rock, guess what?
I saw revival ! Lol.
It's been a long time since canto got so much ppl.
Well, it was fun (;
But too bad there was fights, the police came,
& of cause i need to "siam" lo.

Spoil mood laaa..!!

Has been drinking for the past 8 days at boat quay
already lo-.-

I need to replenish my liver ah..! =/

17 December 2008

YOU ! :D

Where will i celebrate this year X'mas ?

Town district sure packed lo..!

P/s: Hey People, Suggestion please..!!

16 December 2008

Hey peeps! :D
Didn't really update this few days,
cause of fatigue & tiredness..

Well, i guess in the coming future,
I'll become more busier?

Anyway X'mas is coming in 9 days! (:
How are you going to celebrate..?
Haha :D

I've thought of going to town to celebrate,
but don't think it's a good idea..

Cause, there will be lot's of pickpockets, touchy foreigner*
Where you MAY get yourself touched & belongings get stolen..
Thus, you have to withstand Body o dour & sweats.

My initial idea was actually booking some nice places,
with a bunch of friends..
Exchange presents, decorate well, drink some liquor, and
order X'mas food *(Eg. Turkey, Log cakes..)
Kinda traditional la, i know! Haha..

But i think it was tooooo.. late la! =/

Guess I'll be going pub after all lo ! -.-

Well, next year would be a better year.. 2009! :D

& i think i should start to plan for new goals..



P/S: Anyway. I've started to change my thinking towards life..
I realize that actually life Isn't meaningless at all !
There are still so much things to Realize, Learn, See, Enjoy and Experience..!
Much more than you could realize.

Life's just Ain't that Bored!

No matter what age group you are from,
As what the sayings.. "活到老,學到老..!"
*(活到老,玩到老..!) Lol.
You get what i mean.. peeps? (:

But to those who seriously thinks that your life is bored,

you know why..?

There are several reasons..
Some may applies to you. (;
  1. You keep going the same place, doing the same things!
  2. You mix with the same bunch of friends who thinks that life is bored too..!
  3. You are under parental control !
  4. You are under 18 & really do what under 18 can do only-.- *(Not only the unhealthy life style.)
  5. You have a shy/loner/anti-social characteristic.
  6. You don't listens to what others advise & do what you likes only.
Alright, actually No.6 is a big problem...!

You may ask..

Why? How does it link to boredom?

Cause, you are always in your comfort zone.
You don't try out new stuff where you might like in the future cause,
you thinks that you might not be able to accept now & just wanted to
play safe, for something else where you likes to do.

Don't understand..?

(Eg.) You always goes to this pub,
And you really like this pub a lot..!
So much that you don't try other pubs.
Cause you thinks that you may not like it,
& waste your time over there.
The problem lies on here..
" If you don't try, how will you know?! " *Alamak! Faints~
You only live once.. so don't make excuses,
like "urmmm.. Next time then go la!" .
When will be your next time..?
Until it closes?-.-
That's why you thinks that life is bored,
Cause YOU can't be bothered to try.

So this can be apply to a lot of other life scenarios!
Think bout it (:

10 December 2008

What a unfortunate day!

Well, I'm uncontactable thru my hp now ):
I left my hp in my workplace!

OMG ...

But, don't worry. It's in a *safe place (:
I just forgot to take back.
Realized that only when i reaches Boat quay yesterday.
I was with my friend &
Oh my Fu*K !? How could i forgot such a important item.

But then i was like..
"Aiya, Fk-ing hack care la, tmr night get back lo!"

But it bothers me A LOT.. !
I keep assuming that my hp was with me,
& trying to reach for my it in my bag.
Then i was, "Oh ya, it's not with me."

& my hand is like itchy to hold things.
( Eg. Smoke, Drink, Play fist game/dice, Etc.. )
So, i realized w/out my hp, I'll tend to drink & smoke more..
With a lousy feeling.

So, it's Not Fun At All !
My mind is not at Boat quay yesterday la..


Let's skip the hp incident..
Anyway, I really damn feel like having


I heard that there's a lot of variety of foods over there.
Thus, mostly was yummy yummy ones.
( Eg. Duck tongue & neck, Fish (Super big & spicy) , Etc .. )

So maybe i could quit drinking & start to get addicted
to Geylang's food & spicy steamboat.
*Hohoho :D

P/s: So if anyone is interested, contact me thru my email uh,
or either way, Msn (:

08 December 2008

Okay peeps!
Gonna announce some stuff whereby i have already..

Firstly, Due to my working timing..
I'm very Lazy to shop in the noon.
So if anyone gonna shop in the noon time,
from morning to 4/5pm..
Please don't call me along.
P/s: Cause perhaps I'll reach at 8pm ! =/

Secondly, I want to grow to become more
Mature each & everyday.
SO.. I'm gonna start to try & to quit saying
Immature stuff.
As well as doing Immature stuff (:

.. WHY?

Cause i think it's time for me to start to


Anyway, has been out with Jingyu this recent days.
From steamboat to drinking,
i really do Miss her a lot now ! :O
Glad that she's doing fine now..

And i felt that she changed.
Change to a more healthier Jingyu (:
(P/s: If you get to see this entry.. You'll know what i mean by healthier right?)

*Wide smile :D

02 December 2008

Have several pics to upload
which is on Daniel's belated birthday celebration (:

Well, there's 2 photos for the moment only *haha.
As the very usual..
Me & Double-D *(Daniel&Darren)
went to Qool bar *I was such a regular right?-.-


Btw, I did't go for work yesterday..
I was unwell & fk-ing sleepy *yawn!
Actually to go down boat quay after work..
Guess have to postponed to tonight (:

I was not in a right mood this few days,
can't really get into sleep this days..
And i think that
i really need to drink till I'm contented.


I want to drown my sorrows
with my night life best partner

/best friend,

*You know who you are :D

27 November 2008

I'm pissed off !

You know what?
I MISSED my interview.. *awww..
Oh God !

Nvm, there's still chances in the future ):
I'm freaking angry with myself now.


Anyway, i was soooo affected by the economy now !
The shop is like a ghost shop now-.-
I think there will be a big cut in my salary soon.
No more everyday drinking, spicy steamboat.. & etc..

My God! *awww..

& I think it'll required quite a long time for the
economy to recover..


Yesterday i just went down to Boat quay again with

Aright. Stop looking.


For ur information : This is Friday's photo,
not yesterday ones.
Anyway, we did't took any photo yesterday too.
*haha !

24 November 2008

Well, look at the hours now.
I'm still awake. =.=

Oh, anyway. A good news to announce.
I have been shortlisted for a interview+training
to promote health products for a launch at National library.


So wish me good luck.

Anyway the pay is darn good (:
$60 from 1.30pm to 5pm.

The only thing that is making me uncomfortable
is that..




I need to wear a PENCIL SKIRT !

In case,
If you don't know what is that.

it's something like this..

Oh God.. !
I have never wore something like this ever before.
But it's a formal event,
So i guess it's normal? (:

On the saturday! (:

I went to orchard to have my buffet dinner.
At the Family international buffet,
located at ngee ann city (:

That place was great but was kinda ex
on the weekends nights.
But worth the spendings.

There was oysters, shark fin soup, beef steak,
chocolate indulge & etc....

But among all.
I like the Oyster most,
it was so so so Freaking FRESH & BIG!

Afterwards went to cine to meet my friend & watched
the movie called

P/s: Well.. It's the soundtrack image (:

* Rating would be 3.5/5 ! :D

It was nice, but the starting is too long,
ending too short.

Overall, it is still a worth to catch movie.
It was so humourous & wild show.
The female character was wild & pretty!
I like her a lot. (:

15 November 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! [:

Guess what happen yesterday MIDNIGHT? =/

  1. I went for spicy steamboat with my friend at beach rd.
  2. Beforehand i was drinking.
  3. I went to Cineleisure for movie.
  4. I watched SAW V. p/s: R21 ley! (:
  5. Right when i was on the seat ...

Guess what happen?!



Oh my goodness!

Damn fk-ing paiseh lo !

Everyone can hear me, & the smell was strong-.-
*Bobian. Me & my friend secretly move to the both seats below.
From A12-11 to B12-11 ...
But it still smells. ]:
Imagine, what i ate?!

The spicy soup smell is so strong ..
And a part of the cinema is full of food & soup.. SMELL-.-
I know it's gosh.

But Not As Gosh As The Show! (:

The Show was freaking bloody, violent & gosh !
And i can't really get that show,
Perhaps, because i didn't watch the previous season 1-4 ]:
And the ending ends unexpectedly.

So my rating will be 2.5/5 =/

P/s: I got watching proof one hor..! Seee.. R21 *satisfaction (:


Anyway i watched
Quantum of Solace (007) recently.
Hmm.. rating is 3/5.
Normal but nice action scene.
Worth for a watch if you like action films.

James Bond ~~! :D

P/s: Gonna go for steamboat again later on..
Omg! Not the same spicy again i hope! :O

05 November 2008

Xiaobudian's Birthday Chalet photo(s) ! :D

The chalet photo(s) is finally uploaded.
And all those are those 3rd day photos-.-
But definitely the most enjoyable one! (:


Anyway, i was browsing my past year photos,
& was thinking that i look better last year than now.
More younger look, like 16-17.
Now leh?!
18-23 !! =.=

Don't you think so.. ? -.=


And one Last thing!
Someone count down my birthday for me! (:

Of course is my
好Brother la..!
*(Click image to zoom)


28 October 2008

Went to chalet for the three days "25-27"
at Arenda country club for
XiaoBuDian's Birthday Party! [:

I was there at around 12am ++ ?
Saw quite alot of peeps over there..
Mostly was Boat quay drinking khakis :D

But something unpleasant happen,
there was fight because of some
trivial matters.
And causes police to visit & so on...

Some guys left & left a lil amount of xbd's
friends on the 2nd day.
Did't get to sleep that day,
it's either some was snoring or no places
for me to slp ]: *(Pathetic me!)

So we gamble!
I lost ard 10dollars. haha.
Only the dealer won -.-
The rest all so suay~

In the night, the drinking session start !
We had a lil bit of Martel,
& the rest loses playing Showhand!
Haha, I'm the overall winner leh! [:

After that for the Chivas,
We played Indian poker -.-
I was really damn suaysss~!!
I drank 7rounds non-stop for suay-ness.
*(Really "Kelly大結局" lo!) =.=
Except for the pathetic me, last round didn't lose.

After that, was Bacardi, Indian poker again,
but guess what?
My bad luck is gone!
Only for the last two rounds i lost.

Then at 6am, we drank Champagne,Red wine
& Beer for celebration,
took some funny photos also.
*(Photos will be posted once i receive.)
Some guys even vomited,
except for me! (:
So strong hor. haha.

Actually, intend to buy some Asahi beer..
But then the Cheers is still closed.
Waste my time making the trip down there.
Afterwards, i was getting tired.
And got into slp.
Who knows i slept for 30-Minutes Only?!
Some ppl woke me up lor. -.=!

12noon was the checking out time,
& some peeps intend to go wild wild wet after
we reach home.
But all of us is too tired for it.
So i'm back home slping & replenishing
for my 39hours of beauty sleep :D

That Chalet Was So Enjoyable! (:

22 October 2008

Yesterday went down to Plush Bar after work (:
Drank Martel, & teared because of some issue.
Around 3plus, we went to Whiskey Bar,
To have some beer.
In the meanwhile, one of my girlfriend was drunk.
And then me & another friend help her to the cab.
to let my friend send her back.

Left the pathetic me alone in the bar -.-
But saw some friends, & joined them.
Afterward, we went to Chinatown point market to have my
Favourite "Ba Kut Teh" ! [:

16 October 2008

Went to "Song-ji" steamboat resturant yesterday.
Located at Geylang Lor13.
The environment is damn nice,
but it's not charge by per head,
it's by dishes,
And it's kinda pricey compare to other
steamboat restaurant.

But, it's kind of worth (:
Especially the spicy soup base & the dishes (eg.beef, crab stick)..
And quality are very different from other
steamboat restaurant that I've been to.

  • Toilet is clean.
  • everywhere is very spacious,
  • a nice place to talk & eat while drinking beer as well.
  • Thus the Best thing is that it opens from evening to 5am midnight !


p/s: going for work soon [:

08 October 2008

p/s: This photo look so shag hor? Like ill face :X lol?


I want a new pair of contact lens!
Especially those Geo,Iris,Japan lens >.< p/s: but Iris lens prefered!
From so many different blog shops.
But even i buy, also couldn't wear la!
Cause of the stupid eye infection "Bajiam" !
Thus, I've no patience for the capping or what so ever.
Eyer! Why they don't have in stock for contact lens?! =.="
Some more Singapore don't have a single shop
selling those lens de meh? -.-


Btw, i went for steamboat on Monday.
At "The house of steamboat" located near Bugis.
Before i continue.
Let me ask you one Question.

What age & below is counted as child..?


12 Right..?

But how dare the shop said "Below 10"!
Means 9 to 1years old leh.
Then still never mind lo.
Charge my sister adult + a lil discount lor.

But their service is below poor lor!
  1. Won't refil our soup base automatic, still need us call them every time-.-"
  2. Won't turn lower the fire for us automatic, the soup was boiling real high!
  3. Their lower down fire = turn off lor, i can't even see the fire when they assume there is!
  4. I can't even understand what the China guy is talking bout. Can't they hired Singaporeans or Malaysians?
But the best thing is that the price is very inexpensive.

Now that i should admit Price = Service! =/


03 October 2008

To feel Angry, Happy or Both?

This is the sweetest!


Sometimes human is really unpredictable & sophisticated,
It's really hard to know what is on someone's mind.
Especially some kind which you don't understand them at all !

I feel Angry; because i don't know why i met those "CUI"
-beings ! & it exist back & forward in my life. _|_!

I feel Happy; because it no longer bothers me, it's gone! (:
but same the beings is everywhere..
It will just "Hello & Bye"..... !

Damn _|_ -up , you know or not?!


Just like you trim your eyebrow!
But after awhile it will still grow strays hair again.
so no matter how hard you trim..
It will still grow right.
& you have to do the same thing repeatedly!

Damn dulan right, you say?!


Anyway, today is Friday's fever! (:
Gonna go for work, afterwards go bq chiong again!
But today is just not my day. Fuck!

02 October 2008

Miss Kelly;
- Trust nobody except yourself.


Went to thai-disco with ; Botak & Jackie.

Alright, i admit that i kind of like thai-disco.
Although there are Thai girl working there to seduce guys
for $$.
But seriously they are very friendly & sociable..
I love their songs & dance, although it's full of techno.
But overall it's enjoyable! :D


Alright, ytd was Hari Raya!
Boat quay was flooded with peoples.
Jamming of cabs & cars everywhere.
Saw a lot of friends & familiar faces (:
And went to different pubs to find different peeps.
End up, DRINK.. Drink drink!
But of course not till drunk la. *haha! :D

Awww.. So much movie i wanted to watch! :I

... Mirrors, Painted skin, The black swindler !!

21 September 2008

Was Drinking the past few nights,
Life seems to be getting boring =.=
Repeating what i do each & everyday.

I feel like going out. Feeling lifeless.
I need some Freaking Counseling.

10 September 2008

One big news again,
Watashi going back Qool bar work.
but on fri & sun (:
Shall not elaborate on the issue.


Recently has been addicted to
*Link to the picture above (:
Really a nice while funny show lo! xD
P/s: With my fave domoto tsuyoshi! hehe.

And i completed one japanese movie (:

Detective Conan live action :D
Link for Chinese subtitle
Link for English subtitle

Flim by so called "Rui" from boys over flowers..
Too bad it's not a series.
Cause it's better than in animations.
P/s: Thus the main character so good lookinggg~!! lol.


The hangover i suffered on Monday,
lasted for 2 days lor!

Do you believe that i slept for 2 days?
Wake up to eat & daily basic only.

No joke!

Can't even believe i can sleep so long,
as if i were in a 3D2N chalet! =/

07 September 2008

I want to watch this show!
Heard from my friend that it's nice,
thus with detective Kindaichi! (:


Anyway, i'm not working at Qool Bar anymore! (:
Never go for work..
But it's okay!
I still got my main job in order to survive :D
Still got my fri & sat back to chionggg~!!
Hohos! (x

Today i'm damn shitty no mood ]:
Best of the worst,
today is my off day..
Good luck to you lo! =/

05 September 2008

Just watched "花より男(boys over flowers): Final" yesterday :D
A japanese movie which originated from "流星花園"
as well as the same title Manga.
Rating was 4/5 [:

Super-Duper funny &
the characters are sooooo~ gd looking!

Awww.. going to work later on till 5am =/
Tired! -.-

03 September 2008

Just happen to saw one sentence..
& find it totally right.

"Ignorance is bliss, but being naive is a different matter."

Don't you guys agree?

It applies in many different edges of my life, as well as others.


Anyway, i find my work at qb is much more of time consuming.
Cause every time i go chiong is always clashed with my working time.
Then bobian, cannot go chiong! *sulk! ]x
Must serve those people go chiong instead & see people faces.
=.= Humpf!
Aku Buay Ta Han! :/
For th sake of 30bucks.
& i have to sacrifice 3hrs of my happy hrs -.-"

Do you think it worth?

I'm craving for S

29 August 2008

Has been busy working all this while!

Watched 4bia just days ago.
It's so damn scary with 4 different story.

Although it's kind of boring for the beginning.
But it's worth to watch as..
there are 4 famous thai director
fliming the show (:
Include the director of "shutter/alones", "body 19th" &
several that i have forgotten ((:

No other cares in this world.

26 August 2008

I'm so tired!
But later still need to work.
Alright; i just caught with flu.
Due to the cold weather recently.
But still went drinking yesterday night. haha!
I don't care.

Some more, drink quite alot ytd lor!
Drink till don't want drink ah!
With friends & they opened 2bottles at Plush Bar.
& 1bottle almost totally finished by we 3girls in 1hr..?
Being forced to drink so fast! -.=
*One lady is drunk so was been send home.
& afterwards went to Qool Bar open another bottle.
Omg. Almost vomit ytd. *Phew.
*Another one is drunk also. So both left me! -.=?
Saw Jingyu in Qool bar also but she went Oasis afterwards.
Pass by Fullerton Hotel went on the way back home.
Thought of those past with those wonderful friends.
But tooo bad, she/he's inside now D:

25 August 2008

Things are moving on a fast pace nowadays.
Time just pass by like this.
Everything is changing as i do.
Perhaps, it's time to start afresh.
No point remaining on the ground i used to be.


Alright! :D
Has been really busy working in the past few days.
Even i'm too shagg to shop.
I'm doing :
& it's..
8/10 of my life.

21 August 2008

Alright, readers..!
I have started work at Qool bar already(:
Yesterday was my 1st day..
I work on -
Most Weekdays: 2-5am
Saturday: 12-6am

18 August 2008

Went to Vivocity with qianmin yesterday [:
Went to a 3rd floor Bejing spicy steamboat restaurant.
Don't taste really good & the restaurant seems to be quite BUDGET.

  • The selections was not as much as those bugis steamboat store.
  • They never use those lamp post, they're only for decoration -.-
  • The floor is like those construction floor, they did't renovate at all. *you can see cracks!
  • Only until customer drinks are finishing, then they will take initiative to refill !
  • The workers are not as much as those in bugis.
  • The steamboat selections are only 3 !
Can imagine how much the taokay earn?
Even the food don't taste as good as those in bugis but
There are quite a big crowd.
But, the prices are rather reasonable.
Student:$16.50 (Drinks not Included.)
Adults: $21/+- (Drinks not Included.)

P/s: But i suffered from severed stomach ache this morning.
My body was sweating, lasts for hrs &
the pain wake me up in the morning.

Anyway, i have brought new hoodies! (:
1 at $24 Only.
2 for just $36.
But, i think i need just 1 only.
The length is just till normal waist length.
And it's Orange colour! (:
There's pink, black, white..
BUT, i think that's tooo~ common. *wide smile.

Yay! gonna go for work later.
Don't need to ROT at home! :D

17 August 2008

On the: 15th August

Went out to work & went to Jingyu's working place
to wait for her.
Vomited while waiting for her.
After wards,
Went Oasis to meet her friends & drink.
At that point of time,
I'm already half dead drunk!
But not as drunk as the last time to Oasis *wide smile :D
After Oasis,
We went to Hock Hai Market
to have our delicious BA KUT TEH! (:

On the: 16th August

Stay-ed at home for the whole day.
Too tired & moodless~
*Sleeps [:

On the: 17th August

Going out with my qian min,
to Vivocity later on *smiles.
Heard her saying that M.A.C liquid eyeliner is high rated
by quite a lot of people.

13 August 2008

Oh Damn !
The previous night i was so-drunk.
Cried so much & don't even care about my smudging make-ups.
*so pai seh lor!
From work to Qool bar & to Oasis disco pub.
Can't even rmbr i had eaten "Fishball noodles" ,
after going those places =.="
Missed work & everything yesterday.
Never mind, going out with jingyu later on (:
But where?
Maybe Orchard or Bugis.
It has been ages~ since i shopped =/
Time to change few sets of clothings.
And not spending $ on tooo~ much alcohol =|

Not going out with her already.
Maybe after our work bah [:

I want to let go of it.
But it's hard.
No one can felt what i went through.

11 August 2008

Just several random chosen photos (:

So happy! :D
Going for Work later on.
For this few days,
Rotting at home, doing nothing will bored to death de lor!
*At least got some actively to do. =/

I wanna occupy myself with work,
In order to do that,
I need Fancl Coenzyme Q10 :D

10 August 2008


Guess what i was doing yesterday?
*National day (:

I was..
haha. such a bored hor.
People are watching fireworks while I'm dreaming of fireworks.

And woke up at weewee hours *2am+ ?
There is nothing i can do at that kind of time..
Except for eating Maggie mee? -.-?

Left "
CHICKEN CURRY" favor only-.-

And then, was on phone with jingyu.
7am+ went out with my younger sister to slack.

Brought a lot of seaweedsss~

Finish up the WHOLE PACKET in less then 1hour (:

I'm rotting now while waiting for the next programme.