30 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year ! :D

Has been drinking all the while during CNY,
Do hope this year will go smoothly for me..

This week don't really go well, since CNY started.

Sad, Furious, Depressed incidents happened.

Mostly when I'm drinking.

As the zodiac & horoscope sayings..

has the worst luck in 2009 &

It's not a good year for Goat, among the five other zodiac.

But i won't admit to it lo.
I believe destiny is in my own hand ! :D

22 January 2009

Change of job :D
*Due to the bad economy~

Start working TOMORROW [:

Going honey pub later for Jingyu's birthday (;
(Will update photos when I'm back from the celebration.)


P/s: Gotta get my hair & nails done, new bags, heels, make up(s) ...
P/s/s: Anyway i just couldn't cut down on drinking, in fact..
I spend more on drinking nowadays =/

18 January 2009

Well, it was a Sunday! :O

Yesterday went out to watch Red cliff I & II movie marathon.
It was very nice (:
But around 5hrs in the cinema, butt quite tiring lo. Lol.
At least there is , 30-mins break time.

Overall.. I thinks that the 2nd part is better than the 1st one.
Much more nicer than what i expect.


Urmm.. anyway, i just felt that recently..
I can't control my temper well,

especially when i was drinking or after drinking,

I'll get more easily agitated.

Maybe because,

recently nothing goes smoothly for me.

& was not in a right mood for this weeks.





因為, 只有我明白.


05 January 2009

Suay + Suay = Sibeh Suay ! =/

Yesterday went down to a pub a Keong siak road,
with Jackie, Vincent & John.

Well, the pub is a total boring place,
won't be there ever again -.--
But it's also the first time i taste Becks beer (:
It was a softer & sweeter beer,
but heard from my friend that it causes heavy
hangover the next day.. *(Well, i dunno.)

Afterwards we went over to cherry thai disco (:
I love the new band & singers.
Sam came afterwards,
Whereby me & co. reach for not long ago.
Saw some familiar faces over there.

Photos taken over there;

(Me, Sam & Vincent)

(John, me & vincent)

Jackie & me
*(This is a overdue photo taken on the 2nd of Jan.)

Alright, after going thai disco.
We went to Honey pub.

Guess what..?

We went there by foot !
Omg, i was wearing high-heels somemore.

But John don't wanna join, so he make his
way back home first.
Jackie & Vincent went back when i was going to the ATM.

From here!

The suay incident(s) happen again.
When i was going to withdraw from the ATM,
& it was in process already.


My card was jam in the machine.
& the worst thing is i have no cash with me ]:

My cigs is finished , had not call for any orders in the pub yet ,
my transport fee ...


Luckily my friend is there to lend a helping
hand lo.

Nevermind still ,
As usual normally i drink Jugs of beer in pubs.
But just then..
The pub Tiger beer is OOS -.-
First time lo.
Then bobian, drink heniken bottle in pub..
Which i dislike most.
Afterwards, there is fight in the pub.
Between 2 "Ang-mok" & Chinese.
Cause they were drunk & causing trouble in the pub.
They was hit till head bleed *gosh !

And as usual, the police came in for not long.
And i have to get out frm the back door.
And when the police lefted,
I continue get back to drink for awhile &

04 January 2009

You Are Left Brained In Love

Cool and clearheaded
Tend not to get swept away
Dependable and trustworthy
Able to look at thing objectively
Honest and direct in relationships
Rely on standards when picking a man
Good at solving relationship problems
Ready to compete for your sweetie's heart
Articulate, a good conversationalist, and witty
Think overly romantic displays are a waste of time
A few serious boyfriends as opposed to many flings
Notice all of the details about your guy - good and bad

Happy 2009 to everyone! (:

It's not really a good start for me =/
As bad incidents was happening to me from the
very 1st day D:

1st'Jan ; I received a fucking prank call by dunno which fucker!
NB! The fucker has no name & balls. *(I guess?)

2nd'Jan ; Well, that was a personal issue, I'm just fucking upset
with some issue & cried in the pub. Which i don't really wished to.

3rd'Jan onwards ; I was staying at home, all the way till today! :O
*( As well as i can spend some time to sort out my mind
& have a long break.)


I'm off from work ever since from 31st'Dec (2008) - 4th'Jan(2009).
Means today is the Last off day before i get back to work.

I was stuff to death at home for i think 3 days already?
No alcohol for 3days already man!
Dunno how do i did it?!
Anyway, On Monday i can start to drink & see $ flowing in again.

Hohoho~! :DD

For this days i have some cash flow difficulty..
have already drove me crazy!

This makes me even more motivated to stop my $
turning into "tap water".
(Eg. Spending w/limited control, Useless spendings..)

Because i realize i actually spend on many useless indulge.
That's why it's kinda hard for me to have savings =/

(錢賺得快, 花的也快.)
* earns $ fast - but spend out fast too.


Okay, So what I've mention above is related to my..
"2009 resolution" ! (:

P/s: Although i didn't fulfill some of my 2008 goals,
but I'm trying hard already =|

Okay, what's new + old resolution this 2009 is..
  1. Cut down spending on drinking (:
  2. Put some $ aside for my end of year traveling.
  3. Slim down & sharpen my face.
  4. Change my fashion sense to a more mature style.
  5. Have a brand new laptop for personal use :D
  6. Get a extra job, regardless midnight/afternoon.
  7. Get a Gym membership card !!
  8. Invest on material & not much of indulge [:
  9. Putting earning money on the first priority.
  10. Happy & optimistic always! (:
This year resolution is more towards simple yea?
And most importantly, I'm 18 this year.

Hahaha! :DD

But November is still the crucial point =/

Wish everyone have a blessed year 2009 !