27 September 2012

Moving on...

Yo Friends!

I'm in KL now.. Traveling to Japan in the afternoon later on :)
Got a dance job at a club in Tokyo, Roppongi.
Have to check it out later & see how things goes on.
If everything is going smoothly, work environment and staff benefits is good,
will probably based in there for a few months.

And it's my first trip to Japan!
So, kinda excited about that. But, unfortunately I've forget quite an amount of
Japanese phrases & words. Thus, I'm heading there without any handbook!
So hopefully I still can carry the basic conversation with the Japanese, without
getting there lost! *Laughs

Done all my homework about transport, club, accommodation directions, sim card
rental, airport transfer & taxi rates.
Was a last minute decision I swear! Made this decision just only yesterday!
Thanks God my laptop, adapter and charger is all with me now.

Weather is pretty good in Tokyo now.
Ranging from 17-26 degree Celsius.. Cooling but not too cold :)
Guess I will be getting a lot of summer apparel over there.

Not sure about when coming back to Singapore...
Might be weeks or months.
But hopefully it will be a good & fruitful trip!
P/s: With tons of pictures! :)

Nonetheless, I will miss my family & friends in SG!
Hope to see you guys soon for dinner, gathering & party! :*
And I miss my 2 darlings whom worked with me together in Canada.
Although, 3 of us are situated in different cities, far apart.
But, all the memories we shared will never be forgotten & I will still be
waiting for the day when 3 of us could gather or even work together again!

Misses & Loves!

I just have to be on the right track & I'm trying hard to stay on it.

A lesson that i also need to learn and apply as well, not easy i know but it's true.

A $13 Million bank deposit statement found at a cafe with message:

"The secret to happiness is freedom.
This, right here, is freedom.

The secret to freedom is courage. All of your dreams can come true if you have the COURAGE to PURSUE them. Get rid of your life of distractions, DON'T focus on relationships, thats a big one. DON'T listen to the people who say stop. Just focus on YOU and your BUSINESS.

Everything else can come later, as it's easier to get later than THIS."