29 February 2008

wahahahha! :D


This few days, life was like on a roller coaster,
there's ups & downs.
Few days ago..
Jteam production called me down for a audition,
& i was late on tt day, & rushing me to prepare everything i need,
my skin was allergy, eyes was swollen on tt day-.-"
To me, th audition was very very impt!
Went down to ubi, a place i'm not familiar with.
*Fortuanely, someone acc me & help me out with my resume!
hahahas :D
That person in-charge ask me to wait for call,
Chances to me seems to be quite dim.
Until Today! I was slping halfway,
& suddenly someone calls me, i did't notice th number,
& i just picked up (:
Did't really noticed what th person says until..
when i heard th word "jteam"! LOL.
Then i was so so so so shocked. hahaha.
She said i'm selected for a role! woohoo! (:
But, i'm too in a slp mode to ask for more details-.-"
Nvm, Tomorrow! :D

I'm one step nearer to my dream (:

13 February 2008

It's valentine's day tomorrow! 14th of every febuary :D
Do you have any dates? (:
As usual, on every valentine's, i'm either alone or with my friends.
But on this up-coming valentine's, i rather working in pub.
And earn money de loh~
Sometimes, "the attached(s)" yearns to be single,
While, "the single(s)" yearns to be attached.
Quite true, isn't it? (:

My payday is nearer & nearer! :DD
29th of febuary { the leap year }
Uh-huh! Have ue heard before th new movie?
Called "the leap years".
It's starring by li-lin (th lead actress) &
i forgot his name (th lead actor)who starred
as a male lead in a movie called "th shutter".
If you guys could rmbr.
It's sort of a romantic show, geee*
seems to be quite nice.
Gotcha watch when i gotten my pay! :D

A Coach Hampton's Checkbook Wallet!
Awwwww.. I want this! ><><><
The price is at least.. 400bucks de lo. hmpf!
nvmnvm. wait till my pay comes.
It's really damn nice, in black & th "C" al over th place :D
Anyway, gonna work at 9pm later on, til 1am.
& bloop is coming over to meet me.
haas* Nightlife for today again, budden..
I'm broke! I'hv used up my angbao $$ :/
After ytd i'hv brought 2 tees~
A heniken & rolling stones fanclub tees.
heh* quite like both of th tees,
esp.. th heniken tee & i'hv brought it for 13bucks each only.

[ RUNS ]*

05 February 2008

Really sad this few days DDD`x

Who is my real/fake friends?
Who treat me good truthfully & who is not?
Where goes wrong in between our friendship?
Who can i rely on?
Who are trust able & who are not?
What i'm thinking exactly?

Who can answer me? DDD`x

Stuff are getting complicated & making me confused!
I really don't which to care anything anymore!

I wanna die. I feel like dying.. sobbbbb!

Anyway, i'm working in a pub today 9pm @ jalan klapa, "Passion 4"
10bucks/hr - th only thing that makes me happy :I
Change from th usual "Stanley's pub" to another pub, cause of
th pay. It's double the pay in "Stanley's pub" leh! (5bucks/hr)
The interesting thing is that, it's in th same street. lol :D
But not in th mood of working, hais D:
Went to do a rather interesting quiz not long ago (:

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Receiving Gifts.

Complete set of results

Quality Time:
Receiving Gifts:
Acts of Service:
Words of Affirmation:
Physical Touch:


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

02 February 2008

There's so much things happening this few days!
  1. Animals`hut conflict.
  2. Drinkdrankdrunk incident.
  3. Ended relationships.
  4. Intuition turns out to be more accurate (basically more clever) :x
  5. Found out some deep dark secrets (which makes people furious)
  6. More hypocrites around! (don't understand why people wanna be hypocrites) -.-
All was unhappy incidents -.-"

Okay, skipped to another topic!

I thought of a Q, how & how should my time spent on?
How much percentage is taken in my life currently.
  • daily needs takes 15%
  • sleeping & resting takes 35%
And that left 50%!
  • slacking/shopping takes 25%
  • transport takes up my 10%
  • Etc.. (Online, watching tv, chatting) takes up 15%
Is there a lack of something?

... ... ...

... ... ...

And that is none other than WORKING!

Therefore, i plan something out :DDD
How many percentage should be taken in my life?
  • daily needs takes 15%
  • sleeping/resting takes 35%
  • slacking/shopping takes 20%
  • transport takes up 8%
  • Etc.. (Online, watching tv, chatting) takes up 10%
  • working takes up 12% :D
By how? 12% = { 24/100 = 0.24 } = {0.24* 12 = 34.56 } = 3hrs 45mins 6sec.

Work 3hrs 45mins averagely per day is possible.

Cos ue dont have to work everyday (:

You can work part time or freelance job! :D

So.. that's my new plan!

Alright, it's rather late now.. Bye boys & girls! (: