27 November 2008

I'm pissed off !

You know what?
I MISSED my interview.. *awww..
Oh God !

Nvm, there's still chances in the future ):
I'm freaking angry with myself now.


Anyway, i was soooo affected by the economy now !
The shop is like a ghost shop now-.-
I think there will be a big cut in my salary soon.
No more everyday drinking, spicy steamboat.. & etc..

My God! *awww..

& I think it'll required quite a long time for the
economy to recover..


Yesterday i just went down to Boat quay again with

Aright. Stop looking.


For ur information : This is Friday's photo,
not yesterday ones.
Anyway, we did't took any photo yesterday too.
*haha !

24 November 2008

Well, look at the hours now.
I'm still awake. =.=

Oh, anyway. A good news to announce.
I have been shortlisted for a interview+training
to promote health products for a launch at National library.


So wish me good luck.

Anyway the pay is darn good (:
$60 from 1.30pm to 5pm.

The only thing that is making me uncomfortable
is that..




I need to wear a PENCIL SKIRT !

In case,
If you don't know what is that.

it's something like this..

Oh God.. !
I have never wore something like this ever before.
But it's a formal event,
So i guess it's normal? (:

On the saturday! (:

I went to orchard to have my buffet dinner.
At the Family international buffet,
located at ngee ann city (:

That place was great but was kinda ex
on the weekends nights.
But worth the spendings.

There was oysters, shark fin soup, beef steak,
chocolate indulge & etc....

But among all.
I like the Oyster most,
it was so so so Freaking FRESH & BIG!

Afterwards went to cine to meet my friend & watched
the movie called

P/s: Well.. It's the soundtrack image (:

* Rating would be 3.5/5 ! :D

It was nice, but the starting is too long,
ending too short.

Overall, it is still a worth to catch movie.
It was so humourous & wild show.
The female character was wild & pretty!
I like her a lot. (:

15 November 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! [:

Guess what happen yesterday MIDNIGHT? =/

  1. I went for spicy steamboat with my friend at beach rd.
  2. Beforehand i was drinking.
  3. I went to Cineleisure for movie.
  4. I watched SAW V. p/s: R21 ley! (:
  5. Right when i was on the seat ...

Guess what happen?!



Oh my goodness!

Damn fk-ing paiseh lo !

Everyone can hear me, & the smell was strong-.-
*Bobian. Me & my friend secretly move to the both seats below.
From A12-11 to B12-11 ...
But it still smells. ]:
Imagine, what i ate?!

The spicy soup smell is so strong ..
And a part of the cinema is full of food & soup.. SMELL-.-
I know it's gosh.

But Not As Gosh As The Show! (:

The Show was freaking bloody, violent & gosh !
And i can't really get that show,
Perhaps, because i didn't watch the previous season 1-4 ]:
And the ending ends unexpectedly.

So my rating will be 2.5/5 =/

P/s: I got watching proof one hor..! Seee.. R21 *satisfaction (:


Anyway i watched
Quantum of Solace (007) recently.
Hmm.. rating is 3/5.
Normal but nice action scene.
Worth for a watch if you like action films.

James Bond ~~! :D

P/s: Gonna go for steamboat again later on..
Omg! Not the same spicy again i hope! :O

05 November 2008

Xiaobudian's Birthday Chalet photo(s) ! :D

The chalet photo(s) is finally uploaded.
And all those are those 3rd day photos-.-
But definitely the most enjoyable one! (:


Anyway, i was browsing my past year photos,
& was thinking that i look better last year than now.
More younger look, like 16-17.
Now leh?!
18-23 !! =.=

Don't you think so.. ? -.=


And one Last thing!
Someone count down my birthday for me! (:

Of course is my
好Brother la..!
*(Click image to zoom)