23 July 2012

I sing, sang, sung 遗失的美好!

Things I wanna do in Singapore!

Everything is great in Toronto!
Especially with my lovely girlfriends who never fails to make each & everyday of mine
brightens up! :)
Including having loads of fun & drunk moments together.

Of course, I miss everybody in Singapore too!
If I'm back to Singapore, there's a lot of things I wanna do.

Have my favorite foods!
(Char kway tiao, Hokkien Mee, Mee soto, Chicken feets, Moo kata, Chinese Steamboat)
Love steamboat the most of all! I have them once-twice weekly when I was still in
Singapore. *Imagine I only have it once till now for already more than 3 months in Toronto.

Party non-stop for at least one week!
(Host clubs, Thai disco till 6am!) - Because the alcohol license is only till 2am in Canada.

Workout regularly!
Well, my body is much toner & losing some weight due to my dancing job nature in 
Toronto. So, have to workout regularly to keep in shape as to burn more calories intakes
that I gonna consume when I'm back in Singapore with all the tasty delights & alcohol.

I wanna take some performing arts courses cause I always have passion in those.
But never really go through professional classes for vocal & acting. Which it's really my
passion and wish to improve more on that

But, I'm not too sure how long I will stay in Singapore before I leave again.
Cause in the meanwhile, there's quite a few overseas work opportunity.