22 July 2007

diis few daes quiite busy, so.. did't qet a chance to bloq nors. hmms, btw.. recently muh bloq ish quiite happeninq. hhah(: all thanks to d "humji doqqiie spammer". tel dat spammer dunch humji liiaos. haiiyo. jiu shi bu hui tinq. hhah. buaii sonq mii, can 24hr cuum find mii ders. den vomit infront of mi n llet mii see((: dare spam, dden dunch dare reveal identity. nvm, diis kind of small tinq, iish nthinq iin muh eyes. btw, recently busy wrkiinq as a iicecream seller n clerk. hhah. llols. dden kip slackiinq ed yewtee oso. hms, what happen ytd was a diisaster. omq man. qo cheers kop liiquor. dden driink wif frens dden drunk wiif frens. dden drunk lyk shiit luhs. llols. dden sae alort "bu yiinq qaii jianq" ders tinq nnors :x bfer dat ii when to dwntown east. actually qoiinq escape ders. dden ii was llate n end urp waitinq fer ddem outsiide d escape. afta dat we when to d town. hahas. llols. d route was bored, so ii take sum photo iin d traiin. choochoochoo~

*p.s: i lurfh d chaiir colour lorts lorts nnors((:

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