09 July 2007

hmm, ytd happen alort of thinqs. haiis, due to those sayiinqs. and ii learn one thinq. hhah here it qoes.. "a mouth iis more powerful than a sword.." suddenly relaiise alot of thinqs. most importantly iis that.. ii'hv chanqed into another person siince las year. that diifferent was sho biiq! ii cannot reveal where da diifferent lies. hehe(: my close friends shlld nnoe what ii'm referiinq bars..? those adiivce qiiven wil b remembered ders((: ii'll try my best lars. btw, ii'hv planned my 2oo7 july-dec qoal! llols. siince ii started workiinq. but unclear bout da pay. bbut cfm it's rouqhly bout $1ooo. hhah. xD fiirstly, it's to buy a n73me~!! dden save money fer partly of nnext year priivate skol costs n diis year b'dae party. hohoho(: 16! can qo underaqe party((: but if 18 dat's much more better. cfm hiiqh ders luhs.. btw, ii may not be so free nowadays. cause started workiinq lers. hhees. dat's all.. bye readers(: n one important thinq.. d las bloq postiinq was officially deleted by "kelly" today(: it's a miisunderstandinq post. Xp

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