30 July 2007

there's too much thiinq happen ard mi.
hmm, dunnoe hw shld ii spend dae..
everythinq bcame too troublesome fer mi.
i'hv to spend extra mile to do those thinqs i usually ddo.
likewise, qoiinq to work/meetinq friends/earninq money & so on..
anythinq~ lata qoiinq off to prepare
& cal up my beloved XiquaiiLan(: tooooo..
mit at a location fer work! hhah ;D
wonder who ii taqqinq wif todae. hheh.
d best is someone who can talk or carry. lalas(:
anyway, i spend ard 2hrs to find & edit a new bloqskin.
*smilinq widely* it's done & finally ii can relieve myself!
my eyes is rather tiired afta all those "word searchinq stuff".
llols. hmm, mayb ii would carry on my bloqqinq on da next dae.
take care readers(:

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