16 September 2007

Wonderinq why i'm nt tonninq todae?
Cause todae came back home ard 10plus,
den it's too late to qo out lers.
althouqh i had oread prepared.
th most unfortunate thinq happen.

My mom was damn anqry wif me=.-

{ so.. qd qirls, know what to do? ;DD }

btw, ytd was as usual.
Just dat my profit was th followinq:
[ 2 pair of mondo hiqh heels, 4 fashion maqazine ]

Those maqazines include "teens,cleo,tvb,elle".

&& tomorow where am i qonna qo?

hhmmms.. central? buqis? or..?
of cause qoinq to find a job for myself.
so i'm qonna to be em job seeker for an day(:

Last but nt Least,
need everyone to wish me qd luck(x

{ slack & hiqh pay full time job. hohoho! }

who's qonna be my accompanian?
or shld i sae..
th lucky person? LOL(x

P/S:If anyone who have a kind heart & could accompany me for tomorow job huntinq sesson, please taq me(:

it's quite late nw.
owl is cominq out to search for food.
qoinq off. poof*

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