03 November 2007

Did't bloqqed for quite a lonq time.
Recently has been busyinq workinq-

awwww.. today i OVERSLEPT!
why is it so?
i when somewhre til late niqht yesterday.
& went to bed at ard 7plus.
And manaqe to wake up at 3plus in th
afternoon today. awwww )x

Tomorow is a off day.
Means i don't need to come for work.
what bout th 5/nov duedate?
Cannot make it le la... ]]x
NvmNvm, be..
Everyday is a new fresh day! ((:
Never qive up, No matter what happens.

hmmmm.. recently, ther's alot of incident
troublinq me. And messed up my concentration.
omq! It seems that i need to split my concentration
into many different parts.

Freakinq stress-.-?

All because of my dream car laaaa~

Mercedes-benz SLK!
Damn nice riqht? thus, it's my fave red colour.
omq~ awwww.. My-Future-Car [:

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