11 May 2008

9th May (post)

When to centerpoint to shop, and then went for work (:

*Working place, prepare to have my instant noodles.

*Camwhoring with my new phone (samsung f330) :D
But mine is in red & black colour.

*Someone gave me this, Kawaii right?

Japanese Marlboro Lights, but i filled etc cigs inside this packaging.

After work, went to Martin's entertainment (Jingyu's working place)
to celebrate my friend bday, & then opened my fave Martel ! :D
Blow for total of 13seconds, quite cake leh.

10th May (post)

When to my bf bro as well as my bf b'day party :D
Saw a damn kawaii 3/4years old boy,
wanted to take photos with him,
but, he keep rejecting me-.-
budden.. at last i manage to get to take with him
& some snapshot of him (grins) :DD

Head snap shot of him :D

Playful boy tryin' to dig his nose in this photo-.-

Finally a nice, perfectly photo (:

There was quite a number of peoples.
Ate & drink a lil bit of beer over there.
But ard 12/1am, my ah bang called me
to boat quay to meet someone-.-"
accompany him al th way to boat quay just to
meet someone and to chit chat only=.="
And back to cck.
Actually wanted to go just'it place.
But peoples are fighting inside,
so Lights on-.-
*(like waste time gng everywhre right?)
Saw those stagmont people outside th building.

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