26 August 2008

I'm so tired!
But later still need to work.
Alright; i just caught with flu.
Due to the cold weather recently.
But still went drinking yesterday night. haha!
I don't care.

Some more, drink quite alot ytd lor!
Drink till don't want drink ah!
With friends & they opened 2bottles at Plush Bar.
& 1bottle almost totally finished by we 3girls in 1hr..?
Being forced to drink so fast! -.=
*One lady is drunk so was been send home.
& afterwards went to Qool Bar open another bottle.
Omg. Almost vomit ytd. *Phew.
*Another one is drunk also. So both left me! -.=?
Saw Jingyu in Qool bar also but she went Oasis afterwards.
Pass by Fullerton Hotel went on the way back home.
Thought of those past with those wonderful friends.
But tooo bad, she/he's inside now D:

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