10 September 2008

One big news again,
Watashi going back Qool bar work.
but on fri & sun (:
Shall not elaborate on the issue.


Recently has been addicted to
*Link to the picture above (:
Really a nice while funny show lo! xD
P/s: With my fave domoto tsuyoshi! hehe.

And i completed one japanese movie (:

Detective Conan live action :D
Link for Chinese subtitle
Link for English subtitle

Flim by so called "Rui" from boys over flowers..
Too bad it's not a series.
Cause it's better than in animations.
P/s: Thus the main character so good lookinggg~!! lol.


The hangover i suffered on Monday,
lasted for 2 days lor!

Do you believe that i slept for 2 days?
Wake up to eat & daily basic only.

No joke!

Can't even believe i can sleep so long,
as if i were in a 3D2N chalet! =/

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