28 October 2008

Went to chalet for the three days "25-27"
at Arenda country club for
XiaoBuDian's Birthday Party! [:

I was there at around 12am ++ ?
Saw quite alot of peeps over there..
Mostly was Boat quay drinking khakis :D

But something unpleasant happen,
there was fight because of some
trivial matters.
And causes police to visit & so on...

Some guys left & left a lil amount of xbd's
friends on the 2nd day.
Did't get to sleep that day,
it's either some was snoring or no places
for me to slp ]: *(Pathetic me!)

So we gamble!
I lost ard 10dollars. haha.
Only the dealer won -.-
The rest all so suay~

In the night, the drinking session start !
We had a lil bit of Martel,
& the rest loses playing Showhand!
Haha, I'm the overall winner leh! [:

After that for the Chivas,
We played Indian poker -.-
I was really damn suaysss~!!
I drank 7rounds non-stop for suay-ness.
*(Really "Kelly大結局" lo!) =.=
Except for the pathetic me, last round didn't lose.

After that, was Bacardi, Indian poker again,
but guess what?
My bad luck is gone!
Only for the last two rounds i lost.

Then at 6am, we drank Champagne,Red wine
& Beer for celebration,
took some funny photos also.
*(Photos will be posted once i receive.)
Some guys even vomited,
except for me! (:
So strong hor. haha.

Actually, intend to buy some Asahi beer..
But then the Cheers is still closed.
Waste my time making the trip down there.
Afterwards, i was getting tired.
And got into slp.
Who knows i slept for 30-Minutes Only?!
Some ppl woke me up lor. -.=!

12noon was the checking out time,
& some peeps intend to go wild wild wet after
we reach home.
But all of us is too tired for it.
So i'm back home slping & replenishing
for my 39hours of beauty sleep :D

That Chalet Was So Enjoyable! (:

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