04 January 2009

Happy 2009 to everyone! (:

It's not really a good start for me =/
As bad incidents was happening to me from the
very 1st day D:

1st'Jan ; I received a fucking prank call by dunno which fucker!
NB! The fucker has no name & balls. *(I guess?)

2nd'Jan ; Well, that was a personal issue, I'm just fucking upset
with some issue & cried in the pub. Which i don't really wished to.

3rd'Jan onwards ; I was staying at home, all the way till today! :O
*( As well as i can spend some time to sort out my mind
& have a long break.)


I'm off from work ever since from 31st'Dec (2008) - 4th'Jan(2009).
Means today is the Last off day before i get back to work.

I was stuff to death at home for i think 3 days already?
No alcohol for 3days already man!
Dunno how do i did it?!
Anyway, On Monday i can start to drink & see $ flowing in again.

Hohoho~! :DD

For this days i have some cash flow difficulty..
have already drove me crazy!

This makes me even more motivated to stop my $
turning into "tap water".
(Eg. Spending w/limited control, Useless spendings..)

Because i realize i actually spend on many useless indulge.
That's why it's kinda hard for me to have savings =/

(錢賺得快, 花的也快.)
* earns $ fast - but spend out fast too.


Okay, So what I've mention above is related to my..
"2009 resolution" ! (:

P/s: Although i didn't fulfill some of my 2008 goals,
but I'm trying hard already =|

Okay, what's new + old resolution this 2009 is..
  1. Cut down spending on drinking (:
  2. Put some $ aside for my end of year traveling.
  3. Slim down & sharpen my face.
  4. Change my fashion sense to a more mature style.
  5. Have a brand new laptop for personal use :D
  6. Get a extra job, regardless midnight/afternoon.
  7. Get a Gym membership card !!
  8. Invest on material & not much of indulge [:
  9. Putting earning money on the first priority.
  10. Happy & optimistic always! (:
This year resolution is more towards simple yea?
And most importantly, I'm 18 this year.

Hahaha! :DD

But November is still the crucial point =/

Wish everyone have a blessed year 2009 !

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