05 January 2009

Suay + Suay = Sibeh Suay ! =/

Yesterday went down to a pub a Keong siak road,
with Jackie, Vincent & John.

Well, the pub is a total boring place,
won't be there ever again -.--
But it's also the first time i taste Becks beer (:
It was a softer & sweeter beer,
but heard from my friend that it causes heavy
hangover the next day.. *(Well, i dunno.)

Afterwards we went over to cherry thai disco (:
I love the new band & singers.
Sam came afterwards,
Whereby me & co. reach for not long ago.
Saw some familiar faces over there.

Photos taken over there;

(Me, Sam & Vincent)

(John, me & vincent)

Jackie & me
*(This is a overdue photo taken on the 2nd of Jan.)

Alright, after going thai disco.
We went to Honey pub.

Guess what..?

We went there by foot !
Omg, i was wearing high-heels somemore.

But John don't wanna join, so he make his
way back home first.
Jackie & Vincent went back when i was going to the ATM.

From here!

The suay incident(s) happen again.
When i was going to withdraw from the ATM,
& it was in process already.


My card was jam in the machine.
& the worst thing is i have no cash with me ]:

My cigs is finished , had not call for any orders in the pub yet ,
my transport fee ...


Luckily my friend is there to lend a helping
hand lo.

Nevermind still ,
As usual normally i drink Jugs of beer in pubs.
But just then..
The pub Tiger beer is OOS -.-
First time lo.
Then bobian, drink heniken bottle in pub..
Which i dislike most.
Afterwards, there is fight in the pub.
Between 2 "Ang-mok" & Chinese.
Cause they were drunk & causing trouble in the pub.
They was hit till head bleed *gosh !

And as usual, the police came in for not long.
And i have to get out frm the back door.
And when the police lefted,
I continue get back to drink for awhile &

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