27 April 2009

At Honey on sat again (:
It's been 1week plus since i went there?
Well, kind of misses honey pub too.. Lol.

Omg. Look what Darren is doing to Xiaodee
P/s: Focusing on his red heart patterned boxer..? :/

Me & Jingyu! [:
P/s: Well, i guess I'm really sleepy that day,
with those要seh不seh的眼睛0.0

I want nobody, nobody but you (pak chiu)! xDD

That day really drink quite a lot,
Martel, beer & 2 shots of The "Very nice but nameless" shot -.-
But kinda nice, there is Vacardi & milk taste :/ ?
Haaaa :D
Overall for that day, I'm sup tired & drank quite a lot.
Making me seh seh. LOL.
Now i know, i really cannot drink when I'm tired &
didn't sleep for a long time~ over 24hrs~~
Every time CFM seh, if i didn't sleep lo-.-

& that day i reveal all of my emotions, everything that
i hide in my heart..

Thanks sister :D for being there for me,
when I'm not in a right emotion,
willing to hear what is bothering me in my
inner emotion & talk me out.

Well & then you know what?
That bartender suddenly pop up
& tease me while I'm still not in a stable emotion-.-
& then come The
"Very nice but nameless" shot..
LOL. Very lame moment or should i say,
not very right moment? Haha.
From a emotional scene to a --- Lame scene? Haha.

* But, that really make me feels better & laugh :D
& then my sister treat me another shot of
The "Very nice but nameless" shot :DD

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