13 April 2009

Here comes the main character!

The Birthday boy opening his present by Jingyu.

Darren & Jingyu @ Burger King while waiting for me
to buy Bbq food & going up my house for BBQ.
Jingyu; my official partner! (:

Here is the Bbq foods & Beers (:
P/s: The Hotdog, Crab meat & fishballs is poke by Jingyu,
& the aluminum sambal chicken is wrap by Me.

Darren doing his beer stunt, lol -.-

Here comes me finally, haha!
Me ; Venue sponsor (:

& not forgetting Daniel !
The CHEF of the day :D Lol.
Alright, w/out him..
There won't be plenty of cooked foods anymore.

Funny photos down here.

What's Darren doing behind Jingyu?
*Falling down halfway thru? LMAO.

Half naked & what he's trying to do next?

Jumping down?! LOL.

The typical comedy drama scene! xD
With the typical line..
" Please don't dig your nose beside me,
cause i won't even bother."

Darren's take 1 Geisha. Lol.

My version take 1 Geicha. Haha.
& with the dumb paper plate=.-

Finally Me & Jingyu (1)

Take (2)

Venue changing to V3!

Look at Xiao-Dee doing his martel sucking by nose
with a STRAW? :/

Look at Darren, seems like his nose is bleeding with martel :?
Or... Digging nose too much? LOL.

Referring to the No.14 photo :X

Venue change: honey pub.

Funny photos again.

Me, xiaodee, daniel & darren.

Look what is Xiao-dee doing to my head? =.=

The three comedian. Lol o.o

Pathetic Darren becoming the rubber men! LOL.

&.. Finally, OUR GROUP PHOTO :D
Although some are not in the photo :/

P/s: Look at Daniel (In Green top) sup exciting face. Lol [:


Anyway, happen to saw one article regarding
the 10 common dreams & the interpreting!
It's damn interesting (:

"The link" (click)!

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