17 April 2009

Well, it's a fun day at Honey today (:
So high lor.
Finish up our balance today (*Jingyu & me.)


& this Sunday we are going to Sabai Sabai!
P/s: Black day uh...! HA :D

I'm still so high now, AS I'm blogging-.-

I really miss drinking beer laaa~
Drink martel the whole night long..
..& a lil black label. OMG :/
With plain water somemore. eeww..

ANW, the last post where some of my
peeps saw,
is my drunken post.
It is post after drinking ://
So~ P/s/s: No worries uh! :DD

Suddenly miss dancing~ also,
just cannot control when i hear R&B. HAHA.

Last but not least,
& I miss the very someone >.<

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