27 September 2012

Moving on...

Yo Friends!

I'm in KL now.. Traveling to Japan in the afternoon later on :)
Got a dance job at a club in Tokyo, Roppongi.
Have to check it out later & see how things goes on.
If everything is going smoothly, work environment and staff benefits is good,
will probably based in there for a few months.

And it's my first trip to Japan!
So, kinda excited about that. But, unfortunately I've forget quite an amount of
Japanese phrases & words. Thus, I'm heading there without any handbook!
So hopefully I still can carry the basic conversation with the Japanese, without
getting there lost! *Laughs

Done all my homework about transport, club, accommodation directions, sim card
rental, airport transfer & taxi rates.
Was a last minute decision I swear! Made this decision just only yesterday!
Thanks God my laptop, adapter and charger is all with me now.

Weather is pretty good in Tokyo now.
Ranging from 17-26 degree Celsius.. Cooling but not too cold :)
Guess I will be getting a lot of summer apparel over there.

Not sure about when coming back to Singapore...
Might be weeks or months.
But hopefully it will be a good & fruitful trip!
P/s: With tons of pictures! :)

Nonetheless, I will miss my family & friends in SG!
Hope to see you guys soon for dinner, gathering & party! :*
And I miss my 2 darlings whom worked with me together in Canada.
Although, 3 of us are situated in different cities, far apart.
But, all the memories we shared will never be forgotten & I will still be
waiting for the day when 3 of us could gather or even work together again!

Misses & Loves!

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