30 June 2007

hhah, jjus wake urp. btw, ytd happen alort of tiinqs. both qd n bad, hhms, ytd when out ard 8pm to miit muh beloved jiinqyu mars. dden as usual, slack! afta dat saw several of our frens, dden kana di siiao!! arqq.. sae tinqs bout mii wher it's iisn't truue. siians. afta dat qo cck miit fren qo pub luhs. dat pub iish located ed raffles place dere lars. iin d verii beqiininq we rch dat pub, dere was one word to diiscriibe "siians!". afta dat more n more ppl left, it bcuum more n more fun lurs. kiip driinkinq chiivas. llols. buh hopefully, did't end urp drunk lars. hahas. suum ppl vomiited n was send bback to home nnors. dden d rest went to 302 slack. ed ddere damn siians nnors. slack ard a few hrs, dden went bback home lurs nnors. hms, reliases alort of tinqs ytd. found out a person truue colour.. haiis, so diisappoiinted dat hhe was dat kiind of person. whu kiip fakiinq infront of uus. a fakiinq diisquise of ue. walao. can't iimaqiine dat ii'm sososo stupiid iin d ppast lars. muh hheart totally dropped out. muh qosh. but as well, muh heart flew to another pperson lars ^^ cannort sae iish whu leiis. hhees((: suddenly sumtinq cuums to muh miind. a word "flirt". muh sista discribe mii as flirt. haas? perhaps ii'm one? ii dunnoe. whar ii was doiinq was so called flirt..? buh all diis was due to suum other reason. if nnort fer dat, wil ii fal wif another person..? oh my tiian.

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