02 July 2007

arqqq! hahas. ytd wrkwrkwrk. afta wrk, ars bloop insist mii on peii-inq hher. hms, sor jiu peii hher luhs. but too manii tinqs unpredictable happens. when both of uus rch yewtee. suum one qif black fface lars. dden saw suum of muh ppast frens dden talk awhiile lars. hahas. did't tink bfor dat dey wil talk to mii. llols. once aqaiin, dat feeliinq of brotherhood come back to mi. hms, dunch really lyk to b ed yewtee, cors suum ppl face lyk bao-qonq, den some kip on di-siao. si bei du lan. dden bloop oso diiamdiiam, den bth. dden ii qo cck fiind fren luhs. nv thot dat d next moment happens a biiq thinq. aiyos. bloop called mi, n quess whar she sae..? bbrk lurs! omq! dden ask hher come fiind mi luhs. walao ehs. she dunch deserve dis kiind of treatinq. whar d hel he's doiinq?! cors muh siista tear fer hiim. seriiously, hhe dunch worth it luhs! haiis. nvm. dden afta awhiile we leave n qo sunshiine place luhs. qo dere slack awhiile jiu qo home liiaos(: hhah. until 6plus dden awake lars. llols. aniiwae, it's tym to qo off. bye readers!

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