04 July 2007

it was another nnew dae, n muh aiim fer todae was lookinq fer nnew job! wakaka! (: hms, anii admiin/clerk job wil do lars. hhah. btw, llata qoiinq clarke wif muh mummy, she wana buy tops fer hherself n we'r haviinq our lunch over ddere. planned to eat steamboat lars. hahas. hhope it's available dere luhs. btw, it's been a lonq tym siince ii stop studyiinq. awww.. but stiiue did't qotten a stable n proper job luhs. hms, a pay rate ard $12oo/m, ii'll b verii satisfied wif it lurs. hohoho! tiian ars. stop smkiinq fer ard 1 whole dae lurs. bth! ii wana buy ciiq lars! perhaps afta qoiinq shoppinq wif mummy dden qo yewtee fiind jinqyu, karp fer ciiqs. hhees((: aniiwae, dere's nth fer mii to sae. so.. ii stop hhere bars. bbyes!

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