11 August 2007

hmm, dunnoe wher to start frm.. two days aqo, d "suayiers" thinq jus happen to me. someone spam cikcik's bloq. & ppl misunderstood it's me. omfk-inqas. it was like, so disappoiinted when those ppl ii trusts real much, suspect me. can ue imaqiine? okie, nvm. dden dey checked d time, d spammer spam.. 7plus. it was on one of d day when ii was workiinq. *pheww.. finally nors. dden meaninq d person whu spam can't be me & fiona.. hmms, whu d hel is dis fk-inq bytch?! if llet me noe whu it is, sure let me wrack til nose bleed jialat jialat! cause me into so many trouble. fk lars. btw, afta ytd work.. as usual, ii went to yewtee luhs. dden slack slack, afta dat.. we went to kranji reservoir slack. boliaos orh-.-" walao! thiqs, feet, wrist.. damn ta ma de pain norss~ *sniffsniff.. hehe. but overal stiue enjoyable lars. enjoyable as iin slpinq at d reservoir. lols ;DD hms, btw.. todae ii'm nah qoiinq fer work lers. cause of d tiredness n dull eyes. ermm, as well as lata qoiinq condo swim oso lars. hahas. shhh! ;DD anyway, there's nthinq much fer me to write anymore. dat's all. bye readers! *qiqqle~

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