09 August 2007

hmm, haha. did't bloq fer da ppast few daes, btw.. jjus happen sometinq shockeniinq luhs. aiiyo. muh hao sista miisunderstood mi. haiis. she thot ii take her thinqs n ran.. haiis. but, end urp actually hher thinqs iis wif another person lars. dunnoe why.. she wil suspect n cfm i'm da one whu take her thinqs. it was like.. omq! it's not me, i'm really not. why would ue suspect mi.. omq. hais. nvm, anyways.. it's over(: jus dat both person belt n charqer wif me luhs. llols. haha. lata qoiinq yewtee return ddem lers((: btw, todae iis momokor bdae ;DD yeah! hehe. N sinqapore bdae(: llols. actually plan to qo esplanade c firework n marina south to eat steamboat ders luhs. but nw.. seems impposible lers): my MOM lars! dunnoe y suddenly PMS.. dots. sae dunwan qif mi $.. arqqq! sae ii kip spend hher $. plss luhs, ii now workiinq, stiiue did't qort my pay yet leiis. niid 1month tym to spon me ders mars. everyone, you meiis you?! really damn bth! todae iish ii speciially take off ders nors. + it's momokor as well as sinqapore bdae! wakaoo.. qoiinq off crazy lers luhs! hw cann ii waste my off dae lyk dis?! some more pubic holis qort extra off at another dae luhs. take off at dis day means, my another off day iish qone leiis! suffer n sacrifice so much jus for TODAY. haiis. bth,bth! damn it! suaysuay day. ytd was iin really qd luck nors. muh sales was 560+.. hohoho(: 1st tym sales so qd nors. today leiis. kns dae. verii fk-up ders lars. spoil my whole MOOD! arqqqqq..

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