16 August 2007

hmm, ytd was anisia bdae. hhah. as wel as pay-claiminq dae((:
llols. my actual pay was $25o+ but d stupid clothinqs ii brouqht, cost me $130+
siians, end urp ii qot $12o+ fer my whole week pay-.-" wakao!
damn lless nors. afta ii took my pay frm m.c.p..
me, jinqyu, jack & yuxiianq went ard buqiis junction,
lookinq fer present fer hher. hhah. finally..
we found somethinq suits hher frm mu-ee~
hhah. quess what's dat..? a "miirror"..!
dat mirror was damn damn ccute nors ;D
qot zhuzhu pictures all over d miirror. llols.
oh yars!
ytd happen somethinq veri fuck-up!
actually was meetinq fiona qo take our pay ders.
dden.. her friend sae what tio dai ji?!
dden cannot qo lers. anyways, dat thinq veri soon jiu panqsua liaos nors.
dden lyk that dua uus.. feel so fuck-up ders luhs.
stiue make us damn troublesome,
mit petir den come dwn jalapanq dden qo pendinq take buus.
but afta some conversatiion, jiu panqsua lers. hheeeees~ (:
hhmm, btw.. afta we went to buuqis,
our next stop was yewtee lers. dden qif anisia bdae present..
jiu join d rest at mac slack nors.
quite aload of police was surroundinq yewtee.
dden day haf to qo separate ways. but same destination.
that's "yewteepark".
but.. fortuanely, ii was not wif them at that time. lalas(:
or else.. ii'm brkinq d promises to myself lers.
when did ii swore to myself..?
ii dunnoe.
month of april..?
ii promise my bros((: too.
not even to step a sinqle step in.
since then,
ii did't even qet a chance to see what yewteepark looks lyk.
hhmm, that swore stiue remains.
it's in my first bloq. hhah(: click here .
anys, don't think there's anythinq much to talk(: bye readers! ((:

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