17 August 2007

todae ii'm so quai! ;DD
hhah. rarely ii'll stay at hhome fer d whole daes.
anys, tomoro qoiinq amk hub wif..
quess whu?
"animals`hut"! (:
heeees~ d whole qrp qatherinq at amk hub((:
somemore qot my pay lers.
tomoro can shop happily toooo~
"my RED skinny jeans"~ !!
hehe. wanna noe our qatherinq plan..?
really..? hhah. kiiess..
firstly we qoiinq to amk hub to do our
shoppinq, den we move on to
lakeside beer qarden to haf our
yummy dinner(:
EG. spicy ladyfinqer, prawn, sotonq, sour & sweet.. nn so on(:
most proberbly.. (:
miss my animalshutsters && 5408sters ;DD

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