30 August 2007

todae i'm really happy(:
went to cosmoprof to b choujinqyu model.
llols. d makeup really takes alot of effort & time.
btw, todae oso late nors. LOL.
ue know what happen?

i went to cathay to mit her, n did't saw her-.-"
ii thot she went fer skol oread, cors she was llate.
hmmm.. wait a minute;

when i pass by the tv in cathay. i saw a trailer.
a trailer of bunenqshuodemimi "secret"..
suddenly, memories flew by me. remisence of
those memories. but, still i need to face the facts.
touqh facts. hais.

so i went out of cathay n searchinq fer my
paradiz centre. llols. searchinq it hiqh n low


but wher's cosmoprof?
lift n stairs can't b seen-.-"
finally! bth lers~ ask a security suan le ba.
dden he point d lift to me-.-"
dots hor? dden went up d lift n went in d sch.
quess what? d receptionist sae dat..
choujinqyu did't come fer lesson. omq!
dden she called hher lars.
n she finally came. hohoho(:
althouqh was a little bit late. but not too late lars.
n when she reached..
she was telinq me..

she saw a lady who looks lyk me, but was..
wearinq sunqlasses. -.-"
so she thot it was not me. n did't catch me up.
LOL! nvmnvmnvm-.-"

dden afta d whole pro makeups, wana c hw i
look lyk? hahas. not todae lars.
i did nt qotcha d photos yet.
so.. next tym bars(:
hmmm.. afta d whole process, we went
findinq fer our friends n went back yewtee(:
as wel as do our "qaiqai".
hohoho! i qot 2top & 1short + 3"makeuptools"
cnnt reveal is which shop ders nahs.
or else dey + chop closed dwn ders.
wakakas! xDDD

shld end here lers bars. hhah((:

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