29 August 2007

hms, did't qo home fer 1dae. dunnoe y.
moodless to qo home n qo out oso.
smokinq slowly n qradually bcame 1 biq part of my life...
without ciqs; life r jus bored n lonely.
i reliase it's hard to find someone who,
can share your woes.
there seems to be no one cares and
understands me.
and i jus walk alone dwn my lonely street..
peoples r havinq their happy tyms ard.
n i'm d onli one left alone.
she was riqht.
TRUST was important in every
whether it was friendship, love, family or..
what so ever..
w/out it. eur relationship means..
NOTHING. emptyemptyempty-
days pass by, 1..2 and 3 days..
this 3 days i qain nthinq but wastinq tym.
n i reliase that i do this lonq aqo..
i waste quite a several months,
doinq nthinq useful.
what shld i do next? where shld i qo? my plans?
i dunnoe. this is my empty life.
livinq was meaninqless fer me..
hais. jus lettinq days fly pass me day by day.

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