12 September 2007

haiis. dunnoe what's up wif him todae.
makinq mi moodless tooo~
as usual, lata qoinq to yewtee to slack
wif my beloved friends(:

ytd went dwn to yewtee too.
den slack awhile, sittinq on d wedqe.
on yewtee carpark 5th storey.
ue noe what?
police car went up.
&& once aqain..
"tio screened" !! *[suays]
surprisely, d policemen was quite friendly.
hahas, rarely saw friendly police.
llols. then..
after beinq screened, at there zilian-inq
usinq xuelin fone. hahas((:

my hair is damn messy luhs.

bleahs! xP

see! qot violet liqhtinqs effect(:

just reformated my com.
walaos! qot soooo~ many thinqs nida
instal luhs.
busybusybusy *.*"
esp. bout d photoshop && window vista software.
can wrk as a computerinq assistant liaos lers luhs.
anys, just end here bahs. hhah.
byes~ ><

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