11 September 2007

freshest day(:

hmm.. quite a lonq tym did't bloq liaos lers.
recently happen alot of thinqs nahs. llols.
siians ders nors, todae stiue haf to qo fer
d stupid counselinq! waste my time jiu haf luhs.
hmpf! ;xx
one dae nv cum out lers.
stuff to death soon lers lars.
lata jiu qot fresh air to breathe luhs((:

Anys, jus dreamt of somethinq todae.
somethinq ii nv dreamt dat ii would dreamt of.
wanna noe..? ask me nahss(: hahas.

&& thanks oinky! love ue lots sials.
thanks fer ur concern n advice x3

wakaos! late fer my counselinq liaos.
[bu xianq qu sia]*
nvm.. shun bian qo out to buy some
"fresh air".


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