25 September 2007

isn't qd?
ue haf al th freedom ue wans.
th time ue wana spend on.
& everythinq jus end like this[:

Really thanks all my brothers & friends
for this time. w/out ue quys,
i think i would havinq brain stroke[x
all th way i stiue think ue quys noe me
th best. knows exactly what i'm thinkinq,
what my hidden up secrets is rewarded
to my ark ka liao lers luhs! [[:

brk up may not seems to be a qd endinq.
bt it is actually(:
it means a endinq & a new beqininq. isn't it?

anys, lata on i'm havinq counselinq &
den afta work proqramme is DRINK! [:
hw can celebrate a joyous occasion
w/out drinkinq neis. hahas.

i love myself.
i love you no mre.
th en d(:

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