26 September 2007

yesterday was so so fun! [[:
okay, ytd when to work wif ark ka liao,
den qottten our pay.
we went dwn yewtee to drink! ((:
as wel as bloop[:
she's not in a veri qd mood, den we jio
her drink tqt [:
"nu ren shi jie" mars.

Unfortunalty, we wre end up drunk-.="
ark ka liao drank 2 bottle of heni..
bloop drank 2 bottle of baron..
ii drank 2 bottle of baron..
with straw fer everyone[:

Butbutbut, al was unfinished.
i vomited thre times at yewtee.
& twice at home.
omq luhs!
den when th last time i vomited..
thre was blood.
fk-inq shit luhs..
dunnoe why sials.
cors i drink wif empty stomach bars.
den nthinq can be vomit out lers.
end up vomit blood luhs ;xxx

Lata qonna qo out soon lers[[:
qoinq bishan!
so peeps, byes[:

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