03 September 2007


sometimes; there're unpredictable thinqs happen.
just that you don't know when and what.
sometimes; there're unpredictable person appear.
just that you don't know when and who.


p/s:if you don't qet what's the japan phrase means. it's definetly okay(:

What can i say? There's too much thinq happen
this past few days. Anyway, qoinq to farmart was
fun on last sat. hahas. threw eqqs at the qoat,
feed the qoat with wild qrass. lols ;x

Hope the qoat is still healthy! ((:

Then ron was fishinq for shimps and manaqe
to fish around 7. hahas. Then we bbq it((:
*[ yummy ] It was damn delicous and nice lars! ;DD
*[ 5 stars for it ]! lols.

Actually was findinq my brothers on saturday.
toooo~ bad they went without tellinq me! awwwww..
sadded! )): nvm! There're always another time.

Then saw robert on the way of lonely travel.
hahas, then i joined them and slack tqt.

lalalalas~ today not qoinq out. Finally! qet the
chance to do my bloqqinq. hohoho!(x

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