22 September 2007

Today, i'm not qonna ton[:
anys, i'hv qotten back my fone x33
hehe, somemre chanqe into n70(:

so bored of this bloq & skin-.=
wanna chanqe into somethinq new & different.
[hmms.. maybe somethinq with clearer wordinqs, without pictures, briqhter colours?]

Really buaytahan liaos, th days w/out $
are just qivinq me headache. awwww..
there's too many items i wana buy.
i nid to work work work!
wakakas. any job also can nahs.
whether it's sales, office, service line also wil do[:
Despo-ration for jobbbbbb..!!

Let's say about ytd fun-filled event[:
okay, ytd was mooncake festival & i went to..
yewtee(: to find my beloved brothers[[:
Unexpected, when i reached there..
there was ard
20+ ppl-.="
& i was late.
& my brothers was tellinq me to do a..
chicken dance" as a punishment=.="
omq! if i really do that..
cfm xia suay ders luhs.
then.. i just doinq my own thinqs & iqnore
their instruction. LOL! ;DD

Let us carry on to th topic of..
How Did Them Celebrate MoonCake Festival?

Firstly, throwinq liqthers in th fire.
Secondly, spittinq water onto th fire.
Thirdly, throwinq sparkles onto th tree.

*All they did has th percentaqe of [30%] that causes thinqs nearby to catch fire[:

P/S: The followinq information was by ministry of kelly enviroment.

&& i was holdinq to th worsest contrabrand i ever had.
Never, ever i'll buy from there aqain]]:

Wow! ;xx
This entry was so lonq winded.
& my common senses told me to
stop here [[:

I want a sweet dream tonight.
so sick of this world.

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