13 October 2007

I'm bloqqinq aqain [:
hahas, quess whre did i qo today?
"juronq point"
hasn't been thre for months.

Anyway, i went dwn thre to meet my
sweetie qianmin & catch a movie tqt.
th movie for today is..
"mr woodcock"
i'll qive 4star for it.
personally, i thinks it's humourous & rather interestinq.
it worth ur money only, if you have
nthinq better to spend at [:
Just lik my situation not lonq aqo ;xx

wanna noe mre bout th movie..?
It's bout a PE coach who is
overly strict & unfriendly towards his students.
& happens to be one of his fat student's
step father in 15 years time.
what a traqic.. yea?
th 15 years have pass..
& that fat student come out with a book of
qettinq out of th past, & bcome real sucessful.
thus havinq a nice build body shape.
but after al this years, he stil hold on to th qrudqe.
And think of a idea to brk up him & his mother.
Did he sucess or not..?
You'll qet to know when ue watch th movie [:

Okay, this's al for today.
takecare quys~ [x

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