14 October 2007

Today was definitely a wonderful day [:
went for a interview today @ Eunos.
&& it was qreat! [[x
Tomorow wil be my first traininq,
that job look quite attractive & interestinq.

Anyone who's *17 & ABOVE, thus..
interested in qettinq a job.
pls contact me[:
Either taqboard, hp, msn or even emails.

Okay, back to my topic..
i learn quite a lot of thinqs today.
Which can't really express throuqh words. [:
But i quess, what i need was motivation
& determination [:
So, my first step was to qet a..
qreat motivation book soon!

Never had a job lik this before.
So it's a qreat challenqe to me.

In order to achieve what i want*..
[ qucci/prada clutch baq, beaute de kose cosmetic && etc..]
i must put in 100% of effort.

Looks lik i'm qoinq to end this post soon[:
So, qd luck for whatever ue
aim in life. [: qd byes~

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