22 October 2007

What's over is over [:
There's much mre better store for ue in th future!
What's th biq deal of BGR?!
I'm far mre into CAR, instead of BGR!
Th world bcomes much mre colourful & briqhter,
when ue have a realistic & fabulous qoal!

Currently, busy with work & finally..
i can start my new post now.
& my bloq nearly rust! lol*
Havinq this opportuanity to work in this company,
was qreat! Therefore, i must..
Cherish this makinq money opportuanity[:

What about you?
Are you cherishinq your time?
Are you spendinq your time correctly at th correct place?

I'm full of confident to tel you, I AM [:

Those who are 17 & above..
You Have A Chance!
but it's up to you whether you want to make biq bucks.

There's one thinq that i cannot missed out in this post.

Beinq sinqle isn't a bad thinq at ALL,
Beinq attached may not be a qd thinq.
I stil prefer my sinqle-licous life.
& beinq sucessful in my career!

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