17 November 2007

Today, when down to office & then to buqis to
meet my sisters. oink & meh (:
They qave me a m)phosis slipper! >.<
Btw, tomoro qonna celebrate my bdae @ pub.
althouqh it's belated bdae. But least better than nthinq.
In my estimation, ard 10 people are qnq.
& we'r openinq martel ! *{My Fave} ((:
Somemre qot discount~ in th pub i'm workinq soonnn~
But dunnoe wil settle dwn in this pub ma.

In th afternoon, it was a disaster.
Somethinq i did't imaqine that'll happen-.-
& that's 不能說的秘密. (:
It's a secret reqardinq secret laaa~
i cannn't standd.. it laaaaaaaaaa~!!
To Be Happy or Sad? Let's see.


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