05 December 2007

hmm.. wher shld i start? alriqht..
i found myself a new job! Hurray! (:
Secondly, i qettinq my pay todae (:
Lastly, i'm sinqle/attached. ((:

Those who fills th requirement below..
1.)16 & above.
2.)In search of niqht shift job.
3.)Findinq companions to work toqether with.
4.)need a 6bucks/hr job.
5.)loves pluqqinq earpiece for music.
6.)willinq to work in chanqi.
7.)female preferred.

May contact me for more details. (:

Did't bloq for several weeks, In case of dusty..
It need to be update. ((:

Recently happen alot of incidents,
makes me think durinq the day & niqht..
& finally i come out with a new thinkinq.
"Never trust someone, No matter what happens. Trust your instinct only."
Do ue aqree with me..?
I don't decline i did't trust my instinct at al times,
but just too many conicidence, make me believe in my instinct more.
Don't just judqe throuqh what you see & hear, but with loqic too.
Only this, ue'll find th truth.
Alriqht.. i quess most peoples are qettinq bored with this?

hmmm.. currently i'm-so-addicted to facebook! ((:
it's so nice, those who don't have one, shld try to make one. heees~
okay, it's time to end my post. bye peeps!

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