22 December 2007

"I'm going back regent to study" ((:
Cos i was deeply motivated by one of my brothers,
aka my kor lar. (:

He said, he's gng back rgt, if i go back, most
likely, we'll be in th same class* [:
& den we must really study hard ler.
No halfway give up, pon or whadever shit ler. ((:

Imagine hw wonderful is it if we al could study tgt, revise tgt
for our Test,Exams,Nlvl & even Olvl ! (:
Life would be meaningful cos ther's a certain
target in our life. [:

lalala.. laaa.. laaaaa.. lala..~ ((:

hmm.. hope my trust was worth it, & he won't
disappoint me. (:
"I'hv pinned my hopes on my kor ler".
dunch disappoint me & don't brk ur promise hor. ((:

If cannot make it for next year.. [choychoychoy]*
It's th END of my Journey ler.
Cos, my age is th last batch in sec life.
17 next year!

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