10 December 2007

Recently woke up in this early *yawns.
My left eye is Swollen! from Bad to Worst..
SOBS! )x
My riqht eye was on th process recoverinq,
& then my left eye started to swollen-.-"

Don't even feel lik qnq out, only went out when
i'hv work.
When Will My Niqhtmare Ends ?
My both eyes was attacked by qerms & bacteria since
september )):
One was okay, th other was bout to qet infected.

Alriqht, recently..
I felt life was bored & meaninqless,
so started to have a new plan for year 2oo8.
Which i think i'll enjoy it very much((:
OkayOkay! That's..

{ Year Of 2oo8 }
1.) Enroll into a new sec sch & nt a pte sch. (:
2.) Work different temp jobs to qet life experience. (:
3.) Get myself a "shopping goal chart" for year 2oo8. (:
4.) Do my time management wisely. (:
5.) Start on my Education journey planning. (:
6.) Get a calendar notebook asap. (:
7.) Gossips/spree/high-tea/sisters gathering for at least per month. (:
8.) New image for a brand new year. (:
9.) Start my anti-lateness programme. (:
10.) Extend my network. (:

I'hv done mine, what bout urs ?

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