15 April 2008

Firstly, OINK! i'hv update my blog ler (:

hms.. recently, life is simply bored! -.-
Awww.. And now..

I miss my animals`hut!
I miss my hubby!
I miss drinking sessions!
I miss shopping!
I miss those nice foods! (esp. chili noodles)
I miss making money! :p

Why is always th past better then what you have now?


I don't miss studying!
I don't miss books! (chemistry, biology, maths, chinese. etc..)
I don't miss not making money!
I don't miss some peoples in th past!
I don't miss horrible memories!
I don't miss uniforms!
I don't miss being tied up!
I don't miss waking up in th big morning!
I don't miss w/out my loved ones!

There's so many i don't miss in th past (:

SO, that proves that i'm better off then th past.
Think bout what you don't have in th past..
Then draw down your conclusion :D

Keep th "Miss" & Throw your "Don't miss" !

Finally, 1 more day to our 1st month! :DD
Hope our relationship can last.. !

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